Mouse Trap v.s Operation... Which is better?

A tale as old as time; a war that will go down in history… Which is better; Mouse Trap or Operation? Can you explain your reasoning? Preferably as dramatic as possible.

Edit: I got the name of the game wrong, the actual one meant was Operation! Sorry about that. :eyes:

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It’s 2am and i don’t understand, what elimination- :star_struck::star_struck:


They’re tabletop games. Sorry, I should have specified. :eyes:

Do you know of these games? What are your thoughts on them, and, most importantly, which is better?

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What’s that?

heard of them, but haven’t played either

Mouse Trap for me was kinda boring and I hated it but Operation is also really hard and always lost as a kid but now I like it alot more because I avtually have a chance at winning. I think by far Operation wins

I’ve never actually played Mouse Trap, so I guess I have to say Operation.

I haven’t played none of them so I don’t know which is better than the other…
@AS007 do you? Have you played any of them?
Am I annoying you at this point? :sweat_smile:

Both of mine were broken but I found mouse trap farrrrrrr more fun

Hmmm I always played operation when I was younger. I don’t remember Mouse Trap at all.

Which one did you like the most?


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My friends had both games but I never did.

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