Music discussion: Mary J. Blige

Every week, we’ll present you with a musician and you can discuss their songs, music videos, life, style and whatever else comes to your mind! If you don’t know the presented musicians, share your first impressions, check out their music and let us know what you think! :smile:

This weeks it’s: Mary J. Blige
Here’s her Wikipedia page
Here are some music videos:

And some pictures:
Mary J. Blige Documentary In Production With Amazon Studios & eOne –  Deadline
Mary J. Blige - San Antonio Magazine

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Ayyyy I know her from Umbrella Academy

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Ok, so I’ve just listened to these songs, and uhh, it’s ok but definitely not my style. Maybe because it do be sounding old fashion to me but ok. :joy:

I’ve never really listened to any of her songs on a whole, (or I may have heard on radio but never really studied) because I never felt motivated to honestly.


I didn’t have time to listen to any of her songs yet, so I’ll tag @Music!
What do you think about Mary J. Blige and her music?

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Haven’t really listened to her before… but she’s DAMN good!

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What’s your style if Mary isn’t your music style?

@Littlefeets, is this your music style?

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I personally love Mary J. Blige, she’s one of my favorite R&B artists

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