Music Jeopardy: Game 2

Hey y’all! This is the second game for Music Jeopardy, hosted by none other than your lovely forum DJ, Carmela!

Here are the rules:

  1. One team gets to choose a category.
  2. When you choose that category, I phrase the question as an answer, and you answer as a question. For example:
    Q: “This ocean is located off of the East Coast of the US.”
    A: “What is the Atlantic Ocean?”
  3. Please don’t cheat. If you do, you will be unable to play until the next week. If you cheat again the next week, you will be suspended from the game for a month. Cheat a third time, and you’re banned.
  4. There is a special round called Battle Royale. This round is similar to the Double Jeopardy, but instead of getting random questions, I ask you a question that you have to answer. If you get the answer right, you get double the points from the question that put you into the Battle Royale. If you get it wrong, you lose double the points. Here’s an example:
  • Answering a question that gives you 300 points. You get the 300 points, and that question just so happens to be a ticket to the Battle Royale. I ask you a question for Battle Royale, and if you get it right? That’s 600 points. If you get it wrong, you lose 600 points.
  1. Often, the Battle Royale round is the final round, but if you want an actual final round, I’m willing to give y’all one.

The players:


(I don’t know if Meghan is playing today, but @MeghanWrites)
(Maybe) @Tellyg47

I know @laurenmusic wanted to watch, so I’ll tag her.

The game will start 2020-02-21T20:30:00Z! Have fun, and let the most music addicted win! (I might create a badge for this… who knows? :eyes:)


Sadly, I’m not available at the Jeopardy time.

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That’s ok!

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From the forums?! :scream::green_heart::eyes::eyes::eyes:

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No, from the game!

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Five minutes! I’m gonna pray and set everything up


Could I join this game? :hibiscus:

I spied on the first game and found it interesting :eyes:


Yes, you can join!

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sets thread to watching

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pshhhhhhhh i forgot to do that :joy:


Just a few more minutes, I promise.

My phone is about to die :eyes::eyes::eyes: will this start soon? :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart:


I’m here now, so yes.

Mmmhhh Im free in2 hour

I’m here

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Ok, I’m just gonna assign 4 teams since I don’t know who’s actually playing.

Only 4 people have responded so I’m guessing there’s 4 players, I’m not waiting anymore.

Team 1: @Duckling
Team 2: @Eccentric
Team 3: @MeghanWrites
Team 4: @Tellyg47

(I’m keeping it as 3 teams though)



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Here’s the board.

@Duckling, your turn.


Uhh… Instruments 200? :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::sweat_smile:


Instruments, 200:

“This one is associated with angels and has strings.”