Music playlist(s) discussion thread ✨

This thread is for discussing music playlist related questions, so feel free to answer the questions below or ask your own :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

How many music playlists do you have?
Can you list them here?
Which of your playlists do you usually listen to the most?

Quickly goes and counts runs I have 12 that aren’t just band playlists I made (putting all the songs by one specific band/artist onto a playlist instead of different ones)

Ummm let me go back and look (these were all titled by me)

Just rock
Bit more poppish
Pop punk
Songs to listen to while playing MK
Work in progress
Pub Quiz

Mood :joy:

General contains every song I’ve got downloaded, mood is for the songs I want to listen to, it has 422 songs on it altogether so far and it changes depending on my mood hence the title.

I have a bunch of playlists but I’m always too lazy to make new ones so I just queue songs
Not sure how many because half the playlists are half empty so they don’t count

There’s my work playlist which is the raddest of them all
The sad playlist
The cheesy playlist
The nostalgic playlist
The rock playlist
The quiet chill playlist
The sex playlist
Car playlist
Songs to dance to
Some black heart I think it’s my r&b and rap playlist
And my island disc


But if I have to choose so probably my work playlist it’s just a rad playlist

Hold on, lemme count real quick
I have 36 playlists on my phone (12 I created, 15 I added from Apple Music, and 9 were automatically created from Apple Music or Shazam)

Arcade Fire Essentials
Best of TV Music - The Umbrella Academy
Car Ride
Classical Music
:skull: CRANK WEEKLY :skull:
Edith Piaf Essentials
Expo Culture
Family Friendly Emo Music
Jello Playlist
Kesha Essentials
Lady Gaga Essentials
Marina and The Diamonds Essentials
Modern Broadway Essentials
Music Videos
My music (circa 2016/2017)
My Shazam Tracks
My Songs (circa 2013)
My Top Rated
P!nk Essentials
Party Mix
Purchased Music
Recently Added
Recently Played
Replay 2017
Replay 2018
Replay 2019
Show Tunes
Synergy Setlist 2020-2021
Synergy Setlist 2019
The Killers Essentials
Top 25 Most Played
90’s Music
2000s Alternative Essentials

The ones titled “Emo” and “Show Tunes”

I just listen to a bunch of music. I don’t have playlists. I’m listening to anime openings now

Oh god

I can’t add any more to mood now :joy: it’s too rad and edgy

I need to update these

Listen to while playing mk😂

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It’s hard for me to skip when playing the game so I made an unskippable with less songs :joy:

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Okay I’ll count
There’s the:
(It’s not their actual names btw)

  • general liked songs
  • emo playlist
  • sad playlist
  • feels playlist
  • nostalgic playlist
  • favorites
  • sex playlist
  • island disc
  • Island disc 2 ( :smiling_imp: )
  • my work playlist
  • my weekend work playlist
  • kinda r&b

So in total that’s like 12

Mostly the general likes

But I think my top 4 are the general, the emo, the sad and the feels


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Added playlist tag

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Closed due to inactivity :innocent: