Music Video Imagination

In this thread, feel free to tell me about your imagination in a music video. You can share a link of a song that you like either an audio or a music video.

For example, this song makes me imagine myself working out hardcore at the gym with the members of Neffex and being their back up dancer while they’re performing. Also, I imagine myself punching the mirror at the end:

Fight Back by Neffex makes me imagine that I am training for a boxing match and in the boxing ring, I go Rocky on those who mess with me. I even imagine myself in a room, skipping next to a punching bag. :boxing_glove:

Most Neffex songs makes me imagine that I am working out hardcore at the gym. :muscle:


This song makes me feel like I’m at a Japanese nightclub in the 80s, a little drunk, or driving through Manhattan late at night.


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Lots of city pop make me nostalgic. Or feel that way

Rolling credits to an action film I starred in (pretend that I starred in a film).

This song makes me think of those nights where you’re just lying in bed and the bad thoughts come. All the toys in the room come to life and start attacking me until I decide to get up and start jumping on the bed whilst aggressively singing the song.


This song makes me think of dancing with a lover, and then they slowly fade away… singing “far too late… far too late”…

I just emotionally slapped myself with that one.

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Anyone else imagines music videos of a song?

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