My Beef with Episode and Why I Left

Ok so I am about to give a longgg run down of what happened between me and Episode and why I have decided to part ways with them.

So basically about 2 months ago I tried going onto my app when I got this message I could not get past this screen into my app, so I immediately filed a support ticket having no clue what I did wrong.

After several conversations with different workers (note that I am not even talking with the same person throughout this entire scenario- the worker changes with each reply) I figured out what this may have been about (I honestly still don’t know if this is what they were talking about but I haven’t really done anything else so I assumed this is what happened)

In about February my friend told me that she no longer wanted the passes and diamonds she had bought and asked if I wanted them. I said sure and she took my phone and transferred them by changing my support/game ID. At the time I did not know that this was in violation of the TOS (which is 100% on me and I know I should have checked) << What I think they were talking about when they said I hacked the app (in case you were confused)

After I had figured out what this may have been about, I calmly and respectfully explained my side of the story and admitted that I was wrong for not thoroughly reading the community guidelines. I asked them if there was an alternate punishment I could take, and that was the end of our first conversation. I did not reply to their last email as I didn’t want to get myself into further trouble at the time.

A month passes and I send in another ticket (yesterday) to see if I could maybe talk to someone else about getting my mobile app back since I was an author on the platform and I constantly used the mobile viewer while I was coding. I yet again respectfully asked if I could have any other punishment other than “permanent suspension” as they had stated, asking if I could have my account reset so I lost anything my friend had purchased, and even said I would be willing to take a longer suspension from the app.

I got the same automated message as the last time saying that they “cArEfULlY ReViEWeD mY cASe” and all that bs. That is when I realized that they probably didn’t really read any of me emails since I didn’t even get more than 1 response from the same worker, and I literally got the exact same response as the last time. I’m serious. Word. For. Word.

After that I just went off, said my goodbyes on the forums, and started transerring to wattpad.

Also please keep in mind I have been an active member of the Episode communitieS (yes, plural) for 2-3 years. I have recommended the app to a few people online, have given them at least hundreds of dollars from the hours of episode stories I have read, and not to mention I have constantly given constructive advice when they needed it. I have been a reader, upcoming author and artist on Episode for a while now and the lack of respect I received was appalling.

So, I have picked up my bags and left. I am not too heated about the subject anymore since this has really widened my eyes and made me see that Episode just isn’t the place for me, which I’m grateful for. I don’t want to be there if I am going to be treated like nothing, and that’s that :woman_shrugging:

All I can do now is adjust and move on.

Screenshots of our conversations - in order

I have also blacked out the worker’s names for privacy reasons

^ My first support ticket

^ Their response

^ Me trying to find a calm resolution to the situation

^ An automated message as a response to my previous email, and the end of our first conversation.

^ The support ticket I sent in yesterday

^ The same automated response I had previously received. Without even talking with an actual employee first

^ Me just going off on their asses.

So there is the tea :tea:

idk if I am/was overreacting but having been a member of the community for such a long time the lack of respect/reasoning was horrendous


I freaked, because I thought you were leaving here.


no no no I love this place Episode was just being a b-word


Isn’t it always?


It is


Thinking about leaving Episode myself.


Me too, but I’m not really sure how I’d do it


You could ask them to delete your account if you no longer want to have an account on their forums. (although, it took them a really long time to delete El’s account)


I’ve been waiting on mine for 2 weeks now…


still waiting on the tea


hehe I’m writing it now~


I’ll be waiting~


lurks, waiting for the tea

@liyahsdiamond @ThePoeticRaven it’s up :joy: took a while haha


I’m honestly really proud of my last message ngl~

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Episode did the exact same thing to me when I tried to delete my account, they copy and pasted the same thing over and over :confused: The same thing to my friend and she still hasn’t no idea how she “hacked” Episode …

Your last message though was :100::100:


ugh they blow everything out of proportion or just make up random sh^t to ban accounts :joy:


It’s like they don’t even read the emails.



I am 100% sure they aren’t reading through any of these.


Hence why more people are leaving Episode.