My New Godsend: The Ultimate Planning Resource!

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If you’re searching for the perfect way to plan your story, I’ve found the perfect resource for you!


Looks like an awesome website/planning resource! I’ll definitely bookmark this for future use. :sparkles:

To answer the question from the daily reminder:

I can’t see the images, and I’ve noticed this on some other blog posts as well, but thought that it only had to do with my computer. :thinking:


I can’t see the images either but I checked out the website and the features are amazing and it looks really helpful for all the worldbuilding if you just don’t want to go very, very deep into detail.


I needed this today, thank you!

I have no idea how to plan :woozy_face:


I’m glad it’s helpful to you!!! If I find something else, I’ll let everyone know :wink:


the system beat me to it!

bro i saw this before but it cos moneyyyyy

What costs money?

it has like a membership thing

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I started using this for my new story and I really like it. I’m not the kind of writer who likes to plan the story and I easily get bored of it. But the website kind of motivates you to fill out the character sheets :joy: And the free version is really enough for most stories. I used to write basic information down on a sheet of paper or read through my story to find the information I was looking for, but this makes it a lot easier. I just hope I’ll stick to updating this :sweat_smile: As I said, I’m not really into planning anything about my stories

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So, @Bloggers, Shani’s ninth blog post. Not that this planning resource is new any more but do you think it’s still useful or have people moved more over to WorldAnvil?

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i’m gonna have to check out this site!
i have one piece of writing i haven’t really touched so much bc of how complex it is and how many details i wanna add so this may just be what i need to face that piece

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Question: does it make planning fun? I personally like to just write off the top of my head without planning. I know that may leave plot holes, but to me planning takes the fun out of it. So…does it make planning fun?