Nancy Drew Computer Games

Alright, I love this game series because it’s always been challenging to play. It has unique plots that bring the world of Nancy Drew on to our computers. The game series is based on certain volumes in the original book series which is over 175 books total. There have been 33 games in total that have been created. More games are to still come since Her Interactive uses a new way to make games. Ignore the disgruntled fans that try to tear down the new games. No matter how much you play a game there will always be pros and cons during a game series. Here is a bit of advice, figure out what the worth of the game is on your own. I have played these for years. I hope some of the users here will try them out. If you are going to buy these games then you should use Big Fish Games. They give you a free demo to see if you like the game before purchasing the game. Also, they are cheaper than the actual Her Interactive Games. I would download the Big Fish Game Manager app for your laptop so that you can access the free trials that are not available on the main website.

Big Fish Game Manager

  1. Secrets Can Kill - Remastered Version

  2. Stay Tuned for Danger - Remastered Version

  3. Message in a Haunted Mansion

  4. Treasure in the Royal Tower

  5. The Final Scene

  6. Secret of the Scarlet Hand

  7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

  8. The Haunted Carousel

  9. Danger on Deception Island

  10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch

  11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor

  12. Secret of the Old Clock

  13. Last Train of Blue Moon Canyon

  14. Danger by Design

  15. The Creature of Kapu Cave

  16. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

  17. Legend of the Crystal Skull

  18. The Phantom of Venice

  19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy

  20. Ransom of the Seven Ships

  21. Warnings of Waverly Academy

  22. Trail of the Twister

  23. Shadow at Waters Edge

  24. The Captive Curse

  25. Alibi In Ashes

  26. Tomb of the Lost Queen

  27. The Deadly Device

  28. Ghost of Thornton Hall

  29. The Silent Spy

  30. The Shattered Medallion

  31. Labyrinth of Lies

  32. Sea of Darkness

  33. Midnight in Salem

Let me know if you have any questions about the games. Make sure to download the Game Manager before you buy or download the game. The Demos are available in the Game Manager.

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I’ve heard of these games and always wanted to try them, but I get really impatient when games are too challenging and so I’m not sure if I want to pay for them without knowing if I’ll play them for more than a day :sweat_smile:

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You can try the free demos on Big Fish for the games to see if they keep your interest!

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I love them!!!

Curse of Blackmoor manor and Last train to Blue Moon Canyon are my two favorites so far!!!


Me too! I’m trying to beat Curse of Blackmoor right now. It takes time to do the game.

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So, I realized I never tagged the @Gamers when I made this.

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Where are you? Need help?

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I’m at the part where Nancy just got to her room and is looking around the halls. I use the walkthroughs online to help me in the game. I’m not near my computer right now.

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So towards the beginning?

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Yep, near the very beginning.

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You’re gonna love it. If you ever get stuck I’d be happy to help!

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Thanks! This is my favorite one which I have tried to beat before but never got the chance to finish it. I will let you know if I need help.

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Have you played Last train to Blue Moon Canyon?

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Nope, I haven’t gotten that far yet.

I remember borrowing these games from the library when I was in primary school o.o

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They are really fun to play.

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Yes, they are!

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Lol yep!

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I think I’ve had one of these games…
Don’t remember much, but it must’ve been rad!

Have you played these games?
If yes, how were they?
If no, why not?

@anon68003072 tag 'em for me ples

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