Native Americans help

Hey, me and @fcukforcookies tried to research more about Native Americans reservations and tribes, and their lands to figure out how it worked and how it works now for our story, but we dont really get it so if theres someone here who could help us with this, please PM us or reply here :grin:


Oo! I’m not a Native American but I know a good book! Two Old Women. It’s set in Alaska and is about these women being abandoned by their tribe and trying to survive by themselves. Idk if this would satisfy your question but the book was written by a Native American, and talks about the like the (older but still) lives of Native Americans.


Ooh! Interesting! Whereabouts in America is the story going to be set? I’ll see if I can help with research!


I know a bit about tribes, I might be able to help!

@ChaoticDeluge I seem to remember you knew about this stuff?

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A little, I’m by no means an expert though, and I wouldn’t wanna get anything hyper offensively wrong >.<

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Where will it be set?

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heey, I know this is a bit late, but are you guys (@MeghanWrites , @ShanniiWrites) still able to help? :grin:

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I don’t know much, but sure!

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I will Pm you :))



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