Need episode models for my art 🥰

Hi! I want to improve both my art and drawing custom poses so I thought I’d create this topic :blush: Luckily, I’ve come prepared with forms for the details and quarantine which makes me have the time for this :joy:

I prefer to draw ink style so there’s a better chance of me using them. You can enter more than one but they have to be different!

I also wanted to try custom poses so could you choose something that isn’t an episode animation? Nothing to hard though, I’m just starting out :sweat_smile:

This is not a request thread, your character may not be used at all :upside_down_face:

Your request may just sit there, gathering dust, and one day I’ll use it. Just don’t expect it too soon because I have other art to do :confused:

Ink model form
Limelight model form

Idk if this will change your mind about entering your details or whatever, but here is some of my recent art

If you think this is good enough to steal then I wIlL sUe!!!

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Closed due to inactivity. PM me if you want it reopened! :two_hearts: