Netflix Releases Discussion: The Old Guard

The Old Guard is a Netflix movie, I watched it with my family a couple of weeks ago. It’s about immortality, and for most of the movie, the protagonists are trying to escape the people who want to exploit their immortality and use their findings to “better society.”

I thought it was a really interesting movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I do enjoy most fantasy-like movies. My favourite scene would be when the two Italian dudes (I forget their names, I’m sorry lmao, it’s going to be Italian a and Italian b) were captured by the people who wanted to perform experiments on them, and Italian a was like “oh my god dude are you ok i need to make sure he’s ok” and then the guard was like “hahaha what is he your bOyFriEnD” and then all the guards started laughing because well, of course, it’s straight cis men like obviously. And then Italian A is like “he is not my boyfriend. he is my earth, moon and sea, he is the reason my heart beats, he is my soulmate” and similar love professions and it was sooooo cuteeee my heARTTTTT I was like, asdfdgkjhdskljvfhwdqcfs someone talk to me like thatttttt. And then Italian B was like “you’re such a romantic” and then they MADE OUT in front of the GUARDS who were sputtering with confusion

It was incredible to say the very least

Anyway, @Discussions have you watched le movie? Do you plan to?
If you have, what’d you think?



Though it was okay it was interesting enough for me to continue watching,but I would not say I thoroughly enjoyed it. That ending did seem interesting though :eyes:

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I thought the movie was awesome! I watched it I think the day it came on Netflix.

Only the one is Italian! The other was from like the Middle East? They were enemies in the crusades.

It really was!

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Si the ending was quite interesting, I had a feeling it was gonna end that way :eyes: I hate cliffhangers tho so I hope that there is some kind of finishing to it

Ohhhh that makes a lot more sense lmao okok I thought they were just two italians fighting each other for a long time for some reason


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Oh they definitely set it up for a sequel.

:laughing: :woman_facepalming:t2: Yeah, they fought in the crusades, the one was Italian, the other was Muslim, so they were enemies.

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There better be a sequel I’d be so upset if they just left it like that

Ahh, it all makes sense now they had an actual reason to be enemies lmao
I like them a lot better as lovers tho I do have to say it’s so adorable

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From what I’ve found through some internet searching, it seems like there is a high chance of a sequel.

Yeah, they definitely had the reason to be enemies and killing each other.
Definitely! They are so adorable together.

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Ooh exciting~

Lmao and then the killing each other kept on not working so then they :sparkles: fell in love :sparkles:

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