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Welcome to Blue Royalty, the game that tests your limits and loyalties. The prize? The most distinguished and established title someone could earn, a place on The Blue Bloods. But, this is a game, and your place on there is anything but permanent. The everlasting race to get to the top will break your relationships and shape you as a person forever - are you in?

The Senior Class of 2020 managed to escape Cerulean High, though Blue Royalty has remained a prominent part of everyone’s lives in many different ways. As time went on, the power the game held only increased with time, continuing to have influence over Beryl Heights, bringing fortune and luxury to the winners, and with that comes the downfall and hardship of those who lose.

Almost 20 years after the events of the first, Cerulean High continued to become a playing field for Blue Royalty, the same thing but with different names - the fight to earn a place on The Blue Bloods. The five students who have earned superiority through backstabbing, deceitfulness and betrayal, that came in the form of the tasks set by the gamemaster, in hopes for the more permanent place that will shape their lives. This year among others brought familiar faces from times before, hoping to make the most of another chance to get their family name unforgotten through association with victory from the game. But, unfortunately for them, that gave them no advantage against the fresh faces that were competing against them, aspiring for the highly successful lives that victors before them had achieved.


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Rules For Roleplay

  • Write in the third-person and past tense
  • Posts must be 10+ lines
  • If you are in a conversation with a character, please wait at least 2 days before getting your character to approach someone else.
  • Please blur swear words by replacing vowels with ! or * etc, and sex scenes can be implied but not detailed!
  • Unless you purposely want your character to lose points (which is obviously allowed haha), please do not say what your character’s tasks are, or make it too obvious what is and isn’t a task!

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I have nothing to say but I’m here to get my 10k back


Chels I have absolutely no idea what to do with Zek. like 0…

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hang on we can plan something with zek in terms of plot throughout rp

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Let the chatting begin

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I should do that because there is literally nothing I’m looking forward to, not only with him
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rip 5k

It was so sad to not reach 5k…

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@aesthetic when is ajs reply to Hera coming
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