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ah sad
yup, bad day

Dan would purposefully put a billboard somewhere that Dori was to say “Fck you dorian deloughrey”

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I can imagine it and I love it

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No but the funniest part would it would be EVERYWHERE

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Dori would go to the gym

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Dan has an ad there specifically for him

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He goes to soccer practice

dan is a new sponser so his “billboard” is on the field

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Dori is coming home

there is one right outside his door

It’s genius

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okay I don’t love it anymore

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Too bad

it’s happening

and the day after Dori meets Jess’ new boyfriend

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Dan did this on purpose and we all know it

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why did I say that

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thanks :pensive:

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Gahh I can’t wait for the time skip!!!

very sorry it will probably be tomorrow @NewBlood ^^^


That’s good because I’m replying to everyone tonight


so? That doesn’t change anything, I can wait, trust me I play Duskwood

okay yay i will be sending out character texts about points update

which takes

way too long


okay wow the adding and taking away points was brutal


how brutal