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He literally does not care about anyone else

Nah Rick is all lies

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He’s a simp

should have thought of that before he lied for months

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team raph

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Though I have to say it is interesting

I like the path

It will be a diff outcome than I had in mind though because if they sleep together

  1. Rick won’t make up with Ralph
  2. He’ll forget about Annie
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Justice for Raph and annie they both deserve better

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Ricky be messing them up

They can end up together :relieved:

They need therapy now

I’m telling you

The people who sleep together on this trip

End up together

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First of all no


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swear ricky slept with her sister


If he forgets about Annie so easily he ain’t in love imma just say that

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No no but truths

I don’t think Rick will go after Annie

She won’t even be an option anymore

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i think if raph and annie sleep together it would make for a far more interesting argument between her and ricky