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yeah that is flexible

there may be a point where it’s so dead we don’t have any free days

but i just want to get an idea

for me

i will be voting 1


ALSO two more things then i’ll be quiet

  1. if your character completes a task please quote it and send it to the character PM, because i may miss it, and then your character probably won’t get the points because i wouldn’t have seen it

  2. also some queries on christmas events

okay so i thought everyone forgot and didn’t care about secret santa however it has had votes on that post above SO i think it will come back BUT i also had the idea of the Winter Carnival… i say idea… it’s literally just like the Euphoria carnival episode used as a more interesting free day

do we want secret santa instead of winter carnival then
or winter carnival instead
OR secret santa as ‘event’ then winter carnival as a free day between halloween and secret santa
or just do none of them

  • Secret Santa only
  • Winter Carnival only
  • Secret Santa as main event and Winter Carnival as free day
  • neither of them shush ella

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ok I’ll approach Mia with Ari

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I’m not totally sure if I’m allowed to vote but doing both sounds super fun!

sky ru in this rp

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Ummmm… nobody is actually at the school currently.


no :eyes:

ok I changed it-

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But I’m just trying to say that your character wouldn’t be at the school in your post. It’s not even the first day of school technically. All the characters (well those being toed at the moment) are at a party. So if she was at the school, it wouldn’t be school hours and there would be no reason to be there.

Check out the post made at the very beginning of the official thread and it’ll help you know what’s going on



Maybe Mia accidentally knocked her over?

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u stalking us? :eyes:

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Oh OK, thanks I changed it.

That’s what she did, knocked her drink on her.

@aesthetic @Andi we’re so unoriginal


i have other reasons

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care to explain yourself?

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we did that too lol
charlotte spilled sh!t on hera

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Why is that so common :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I’m so unoriginal -

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