New game: Elden Ring

Hey @Gamers

I thought I’d make a thread about this because it seems super popular atm. Elden Ring is the new FromSoftware game (makers of Dark Souls and Bloodborne) and honestly it looks rad! Also my boyfriend’s been playing it and telling me how rad it is so now I highkey have my curiosity piqued :joy:

Here’s the trailer:

What do you guys think?
Have any of you played it yet?
Do any of you want to play it?


Is it weird that after reading the game name and then watching the trailer, all I’m reminded of is Lord of the Rings? HAHAHA


That’s a mood and same! :joy:


HAHA. Phew! I thought I may have been seeing things.

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I’ve been playing it since release day, 'tis my favourite game ever :eyes:

I’ve now logged over 200 hours on it :joy:

I’m playing it right now! Yup, I’ll be milking as much content as I can from this masterpiece of a game

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I tried it, I didn’t enjoy it, I ran away to Witcher 3

I can’t believe it’s already been (nearly) a year since the game has been released. This is definitely one of my Formsoft favorites

Seriously, the story is so good. I’m obsessed with all the demigods and how they’re written in

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Just saying
This game is insanely hard
But it’s so satisfying to get to late game after this insanely hard game