New job, new job, new job, yay

I got hired at a new job lol. I wanted to share with y’all because well why not?

Anyone else who’s gotten hired to a new job lately? How was the whole experience? Were you nervous? Did it go better than you planned?


  2. I was def nervous on my first day. I had school so I had to miss training and I also missed half of my first day because of school. (It was a summer job)
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I remember the first day I was shaking and a costumer noticed and joked around a little. I made so many mistakes.

We work with PDA’s at work which are phone like devices that help with stock and stuff.
And the person who was settling me in thought me the hard way to always take your pda with you. When he made me believe I lost it and had to pay for it.

I haven’t got a job but I think it feels great that you have this independence and the whole “I can earn my own money” kinda feeling which is really rad :slightly_smiling_face:

thats great, what kind of job

And yeah I got new job in January as a journalist.

How’s the job going @phlegmatic


im hungry

I did not see this until now.

It’s good. When my birthday comes around though I’m going to be getting another one to focus on until both are intermixed in the summer. :+1:

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Ooooh… moving? What’s the new job?

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I got hired for Old Navy, I’ve been waiting on an orientation date for a few weeks now.

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YAY! I’m glad you’re back. … So I read that you were hired by the Old Navy but what is that? Does it mean you’re working instead of college or as well as?

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I was hired by Old Navy! It’s a clothing store that (mostly) sells jeans. I’ll be working part-time at Old Navy while in college. Just a way for me to get money and job experience.

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Ooooh… nice. Congrats on getting the job there. Is it good working there? I bet a bit of extra money is though. You still at home or forming/flatting?

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Yeah, I like the environment. My next orientation is on Wednesday. I’m still at home with my parents and siblings. I’m one of the youngest of the siblings. Second youngest

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At new serving job for the seasons until my other workplace opens again. :sunglasses:

Oh, you’re still doing orientation? Glad you like it though. … Nice, easier than living on your own, yeah?

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Why was it closed?

Well because it’s a food stand type of place haha. So because of weather, it’s only open for the summers.

This is the place. You drive in and get served outside with a tray on your window unless you want it to-go. It’s amazing. Great tips and I used to assist in managing. Excited to go back honestly. It’s my first priority over my other current serving job I have at an actual corporate restaurant.

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Nice. Bet it super probably with the locals too.