Ninth House: Questions Thread

Inessa @Madilnel

  • Are you close with Felicity?
  • Do you also blame Tae for the accident?
  • Do you think Renlin is right in disowning him?

Amani: my everyday life, my grades and getting better ones.

Thalia: Finding what I want

Thalia: Drinking more than I should have drank

Amani: Befriending vincenzo

Thalia: both in their own ways

Amani: free will

Thalia: People like my sisters, people who are able to do what they want without pauses restrains

Amani: privacy doesnt say more

Thalia: literature, photography, films, mythology,

Amani: music, science, general knowledge, literature,geography

Thalia:Azula from atla, Janice from mean girls

Amani: cat-woman, Katherine from cruel intentions,

Amani: Aurora

Thalia: Aurora

Thalia: my bed Anywhere I can take good photos at,

Amani: The cafe

they both chose to not answer this

ill answer the rest later

someone remind me


Thalia: i really dont know, maybe how to say “i know what you did, confess to your sins and be forgiven” and maybe install a little microphonr on the bird- does that sound too weird?

Amani: probably something to fck with them, like “it’s your last day” or “do you want to live?”

Thalia: hmm maybe * Steven Meeks: I’ll try anything once.

Amani: Is that your gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? From sexette

Thalia: i mean yes, but its weird to think of it as one or call it a sandwich so no

Amani: its meat inside bread so yes

Thalia: half baked

Amani: cookies and dough

Thalia: yes

Amani: i suppose



“For morning I’d say something around 6, and for night it’s 10 or 11. Depends on the night… And well my skin”

“No. I don’t want anyone to feel excluded if there was only one person I frequently have sleepovers with”

“Sometimes, I prefer to be with friends”

“I just… Close my eyes and try to fall asleep? Doesn’t everyone?”

“I… Not really”

“Why is this even a question?”
this tho

“I prefer movies, not shows, sooo my favorite movie would have to be Little Women and my favorite book is The picture of Dorian Gray. I also like this book The Virgin Blue”

“I try to always keep it as clean as possible”

“Every morning? Is that what you mean?”

“Uhm… I’ve never had that”

“So uncomfortable!”

“Why is this a question now? Is someone in trouble? Did something happen?”

“Mostly landscape, garden”

“Baths 100%”

“So many strange questions… I don’t know? When there is a need for that, and I like to keep everything clean and smooth”


Mona: being happy!
Vincenzo: probably being in some, or multiple positions of power and to be a great father because he would have liked one of those

Mona: um. One time I forgot to feed Kiki! (Her bearded dragon)
Vincenzo: Listening to Jesse

Mona: fate! Some things are just meant to be
Vinnie: I think fate is inevitable, but you can choose how you respond to it

Vincenzo: love wealth
Mona: I don’t think I get jealous :woman_shrugging:t2:

Vinnie: animals in Italian, boning up
Mona: rivers, miscellaneous

Vinnie: Argenti florentine, and Klaus from umbrella academy if he counts
Mona: vidia from tinkerbell :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: she’s really pretty

Mona: No one! Well, Maybe mom and dad after I drew attention to myself…
Vinnie: Amani

Vinnie: Vegas with Ren
Mona: home!

Mona: more encantations
Vinnie: networking

Vinnie: I think lots of insults
Mona: I love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’ll have to get back to you

Mona: yes, of course! Unless you disagree, then no
Vinnie: doesnt matter

Mona: mint chocolate chip!!
Vinnie: rocky road

Vinnie: yeah
Mona: what?

Mona: toad!
Vinnie: … donkey kong


True success would be achieving everything I want in life, which is impossible because I’m always finding something new to strive for. So in the end, every little goal completed counts!

Having a career I’m satisfied with, my own home and a partner.

Around a year ago my parents attended a performance overseas, and I still regret not joining them

I have so many, I can’t pick just one. Maybe listening to my grandparents back when… Hmm, though that wasn’t entirely my fault. I’d say getting involved with a person I shouldn’t have in highschool, then.

Wow, getting deep already! I don’t know, who cares?

Free will. I refuse to believe that fate would be so cruel. All the bad things that happened in my life were a consequence of someone else’s actions — rather, a “person” I refuse to name.

I don’t get jealous, I already have everything I need!

People who have the things I want, even though I’m more deserving of them. Isn’t it true for everyone?

Music, mythology, general knowledge, pop culture

Literature, words and etymology, history.

(I barely know how this works so the answers are based on a quick google search)

I can’t think of anyone, I’m on good terms with everyone I know

My family, or anyone from high school. In fact, I can’t think of a single person I’d want to be stuck with.

Austria, probably! I’ve been all around Europe and it left the best impression on me

I like wandering around ruins. Nothing specific.

What would I not? My list is too big. Most recently I’ve been interested in learning the harp

Self defense and improving my resourcefulness.

I’ve been waiting for this question for my entire 22 years of life. I’d teach it to say “Please help me, I’m trapped in the body of a parrot”, giving a lengthy explanation of what happened to make them that way. And once the person is left lost and confused, my dear bird companion will end everything off by saying “No one will ever believe you.
…Of course I don’t need a parrot to do this, I could make one out of illusions! Makes you wonder what else around me has been fake aaall along, hm? He laughs, pausing. …Just joking. I’d teach it dad jokes.

I have a cat, I think I’d have other things to worry about first.


It’s not even food.

Pff yes? Who told you I can’t? I totally can. Haha. Ha.



Whatever it looks like, I’m on the right path

I don’t usually make bad decisions
But i guess I might not always be the best judge of character

My life is mine, nobody is going to control it, not even :sparkles: fate :sparkles:

Literature, words and etymology, mythology
Probably general knowledge as well

Okay I’ll get back to you on that can’t think of any

Adrian Dear


There are more than one
But I suppose I could learn some type of martial art
Or piano

Honey if I had a parrot I’d reach him to have fluent conversations

Will get back to you on that one too

Not a very good sandwich but still

Half baked

Or this (come on it looks amazing whyd I start googling ice cream flavors now I’m hungry )


King boo


My brother being proud of me
Having built a name for myself which separates me from my past

Letting Thalia go.
Saying yes when my brother offered to take me out the night of the accident

Can I say both?

As awful as this sounds, seeing girls my age with their mothers
Seeing other people’s record collections.

Animals in Italian (or anything to do with Italian or Italy really), Irish literature, 19th century literature
Rock music or Music on my iPod

Lady MacBeth
Darth Vader


The record store

I want to learn how to make lace

I would teach it lines of poetry
I’ve already taught my dog to side-eye Renlin so I guess I’d teach a parrot some words in Korean. I think it would be funny to see my mom’s reaction



Um, no?
I guess it depends on your definition of a sandwich, but I don’t think so

Lenore: Cherry Garcia
Tae: Chocolate Therapy

Yes, of course (she actually can)
Yeah (his idea of folding it is rolling it into a ball and shoving it into a drawer)



Vinnie getting his own netflix show soon


Well, success to me looks like having a secret stash of chocolate that nobody knows about. It’s like finding a Wi-Fi hotspot in the middle of nowhere. it’s like finally getting the last slice of pizza at a party full of hungry people.
To me, success isn’t just about achieving specific goals. Being able to look back on my life with a sense of pride and fulfillment

Well, there was this one time I thought it was a brilliant idea to challenge a professional boxer to a thumb wrestling match. Let’s just say my thumb wasn’t the same for weeks.

Fate might set the stage, but it’s up to us to decide how we dance on it.
Like there’s some sort of plan in place, guiding us along the way. It’s a bit of a paradox, I guess. What about you?

Life’s too short for envy, don’t you think?
I suppose it’s when I see others achieving success in areas where I feel lacking.

Obscure Trivia
I’d be ready to take on any question about plants.

I guess it would be the Joker from Batman. I mean, sure, he’s insane and does some pretty terrible things, but something is fascinating about his unpredictability. Plus, he’s got style, you gotta give him that.
Medusa. Despite her reputation as a villain, there’s a certain tragedy to her story that I find compelling


I think my brother and I would both agree, the lake.

I’d say mastering the art of fire breathing.
it would be the art of mindfulness and meditation,

Release the kraken!

Act as if you have unmatched confidence and then people will surely have confidence in you. Act as if you have unmatched experience and then people will follow your advice.
Our love fern! You let it die!

Not so much anymore. Would love to catch up though!

I-I stand by my brother and he is very hurt by the accident. It is sad for the entire family.

I think everyone deals with things differntly.

Screen Shot 2024-04-06 at 3.24.33 PM


Usually like this



But on a good day like this :eyes:



Something along the lines of these

Ayla: Day or night? Usually about eight to nine steps, not including makeup. Lifesaver right here :point_down:


Ayla: Unfortunately it’s my first year, so no.
But I’ll probably end up eating in my dorm.

Usually studying, researching. I don’t do a whole lot else.

Ayla: No. I’m just on a… limited sleep schedule.


Ayla: Don’t have time, and don’t really have the sex drive shrugs

Ayla: Recently finished Naked Lunch by William Burroughs, it was trippy. I’m totally into to horror or psychological stuff.

Ayla: Yes and no? Aesthetic, yes. Does the mess blend in? Usually.

Ayla: Every morning. It’s the only way to start the day productively.

Ayla: Unfortunately I get it a lot when I start big research’s …. I try to just stick with healthier options. Absolutely love Thai and Indian though.

Ayla: I do it. They have to stay moisturized!

Ayla: Unmm….behind the silk blinds… probably if it’s pink it’ll blend in anywhere.

Ayla: I only have time for showers.

Ayla: I’m really not that hairy so maybe once, twice a month? I barely get arm hair so never?


But would you want to?

Come on you are flirting you mischievous cutie

Who’s kiki?

Whatchu reading?

Do you like her?

Your dad?
Why don’t you talk about him? What’s his deal

It’s just vinnie come on


She seems interesting, but I can’t judge accurately based on one encounter. I’d like to get to know her better.

I don’t have a dad.