Ninth House: Questions Thread

Greetings, denizens of Ninth House! This question thread is designed to delve into the lives of our characters and possibly help to develop them more before we start with the roleplay!

Feel free to ask any of the characters below about anything that comes to your mind! If someone doesn’t want to participate just let me know and I will remove them from the list!


Aurora Dear @astxrism
Freya Hastings @novella
Celestine Beaumont @cordyx
Raven Laurent @Littlefeets
Ayla Ki @Tina.g
Inessa Duman @Madilnel
Lenore Ferrell @Caticorn
Atlas Alstone @idiot.exe
Esther Dubois @Mouschi
Lyra Skylark @Jass
Yoo Seung-min @coryx
Hayes Ferrell @astxrism
Thalia Starling @Kristi
Cayenne Cassidy @Littlefeets
Desdemona Sevdaliza @raviola
Agastya Kumara @Tina.G
Jesse Routledge @novella
Renlin Duman @Madilnel
Tae Duman @Caticorn
Amani Monet @Kristi
Vincenzo Parravicini-Russo @raviola
Dominic Vaillant @idiot.exe
Dante Blackwell @Jass

Amani Monet @Kristi

  1. Why are you so mean???
  2. Why are you so mean TO AURORA!?
  3. Oh yeah, girly… How’d you get in Umbra?

Have fun! Be nice! Keep track of your own questions and answer at your own pace.


but like actually answer this one @Kristi


Have you seen the people I go to school with?

Out of all the people I go to school with, she’s the most annoying for a lot of reasons

I have more reasons to dislike her than like her and thus I chose the obvious answer

If i tell you what shall i get in return?


All characters
(Feel free to ignore, not obligatory just for fun! You are free to explain as little or much as you want and do it whenever you feel like!!)

Rate the appearances of these people out of 10

  • Agastya
  • Amani
  • Atlas
  • Aurora
  • Ayla
  • Cayenne
  • Celestine
  • Dante
  • Desdemona
  • Devon
  • Dominic
  • Esther
  • Freya
  • Hayes
  • Inessa
  • Jesse
  • Lenore
  • Lyra
  • Raven
  • Renlin
  • Seung-Min
  • Tae
  • Thalia
  • Vincenzo

@astxrism @novella @cordyx @Littlefeets @Tina.G @Madilnel @Caticorn @idiot.exe @Mouschi @raviola @Kristi (and will tag @sunflowerjm, @sunflower.flow and @katabasis so you can answer this when you submit your characters!!)


Esther - 7/10
Not bad, not bad at all.
Devon - 9/10
Tall, dark, and handsome??

Esther - 9/10
She’s stunning, yes, but personailty, -1/10.
Devon - 8/10
Wish she was this pretty on the inside . . .

Esther - 10/10
No words needed.
Devon - 9/10
He’s fine, just look at his eyes!

Esther - 9/10
Drop dead gorgeous, no question about it.
Devon - 10/10
In all honestly, it’s women like her that make me question my sexuality.

Esther - 10/10
I wish I looked like her.
Devon - 8/10
I’m jealous of her hair, so pretty!

Esther - 8/10
Pretty girl with long, dark hair? Say no more.
Devon - 10/10
I’d literally propose right now if she wanted me to.

Esther - 10/10
Not a single thing about her appearance to dislike.
Devon - 10/10
The vibe, the hair, the outifts, it’s everything.

Esther - 6.5/10
Cute, really conflicted on whether or not he’s my type.
Devon - 10/10
Give me a moment while I whip out my pickup lines . . .

Esther - 8.5/10
Something about her eyes just feels dreamy.
Devon - 9/10
She looks like she can give CPR, because she just took my breath away.

Esther - 7/10
He looks intimidating.
Devon - 8.5/10
Have you seen those arms?

Esther - 10/10
A beautiful women that’s also a cat person, 10/10 without question.
Devon - 10/10
If I was a cat, I would spend all nine lives with you!

Esther - 9.5/10
Minus 0.5 for smoking.
Devon - 7/10
Cute, but you remind me of an ex.

Esther - 9/10
If a sunflower became human, I imagine it’s Inessa.
Devon - 9/10
Such a gorgeous smile!!

Esther - 6/10
Handsome, just not my type.
Devon - 8.5/10
He looks like trouble, I like it.

Esther - 10/10
I imagine your taste in books is superior, care to recommend some?
Devon - 10/10
Shall I comapre thee to a summer’s day? You’re hot.

Esther - 10/10
Beautiful inside and out.
Devon - 9/10
Sunkissed beauty! Are you a surfer? We could catch a wave sometime.

Esther - 10/10
Pretty name, pretty face.
Devon - 9/10
She makes me nervous, still beautiful nonetheless.

Esther - 6/10
I’m not sure what else to say.
Devon - 8/10
I think he’s pretty cute, I’d for sure want to run into him at a party.

Esther - 8/10
Cute in every way with a great style.
Devon - 9/10
He’s got a striking appearance.

Esther - 8.5/10
I can only describe his appearance as enchanting.
Devon - 9.5/10
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Esther - 9/10
Her eyes, her hair, her face, just absolutely beautiful.
Devon - 10/10
You look like a goddess, no, you are a goddess.

Esther - 6/10
No comment.
Devon - 5/10
Not exactly my type.


I don’t really really think I want to rate them but ig I’ll just go off my type,"

“A rating game really?” smirks “Well this shall be fun”

“He is handsome but not really my type 6”
“A 3, very stand of ish, boring in looks and I don’t really like his hair”

“I would say a 10 because she is my type you could say and she’s interesting but her personality… it unnerves me so an 9.1??”

“A 100/10, she breaks the scale, constantly raising the bar for all of us and doing it ,” chef kiss “Flawlessy, a queen, I wished I could marry her but unfortunately I cannot marry myself. because m@sturbation sure is fun but it gets boring after a while”

“He has a very interesting appearance to him, and his eyes are really pretty and stand out so an 8”
“Well, he’s not ugly I guess could be better but alas not everyone can be Amani, but anyways, he irritates me and he is quite naive and I can’t stand naive people for long periods of time so a a generous 5.3”

She’s very beautiful but she just makes me feel a little uncomfortable so a 9,"
“Oh Aurora, Aurora, such a silly, such an irritating and such an @ss-licker, and I’m not buying her whole good girl act one bit a generous 7.5 but she is pretty you could say, like if there is one thing I actually like about her and trust me it’s not a lot, its her looks and that is why i was forced to give her a 7.”

“She has a very bubbly face, very bright and pretty but not really my type but objectively a 6? 7? I’ll give her an 8”
“A 2.5, I don’t like the hair and there’s just something about her face that I don’t know how to put in words but a 2.5”

'She has a bubbly look to her that I don’t tend to like but for some reason I like it on her so a 10, she’s very beautiful."

“Hmm… Sadly I can’t find anything to dislike in her and her accent is very sexy but I don’t like giving tens, so a 9.9”

“A 7, she’s pretty but not really my type.”
“10/10, no i lied a 100/10, she breaks the scale too, Celestine is just incredible, she has to be my favorite person in this entire school though I don’t like how nice she is to Aurora.”

…Oh Dante, I’ll have to say a 10"

“Aah Dane, Dane Dane well as I am merciful I’ll give him an 8.76”

Desdemona is very beautiful and very unique, I really like how strange she can at times be and her smile too, a 10"

"A 9.98, she’s gorgeous and all but her name starts with a D "

“She has a look that I tend to like when it comes to women, I love her makeup style too and she’s very carefree, a 10,”

“I don’t like her eyes one bit, her hair is I would say disgusting but I would be lying, I love her hair but not her eyes and the way it fits on her face and I don’t like the D in her name so a 7 and this is me being very polite and generous in my rating,”

“He’s not really my type but I would say a 7,”

“…There’s something about him that unnerves me and his name starts with a D so a 7…”

“Aaah a 9”
" A 7 at best, "

Freya is a mystery to me, she unnerves me but in a good way? I would say, she’s really pretty, a 10"

" The new girl? Well, i’ve seen her pics and I will have to give her an 8.95"

“A 10, he reminds me of someone I used to know and I really like his eyes, and face,”

“He gives me serial killer vibes but for some reason coming from him I find that really attractive, perhaps the school has made me lose my mind or something but well a 9.32, he’s to addicted to that nicotine thing and idk, i just cant give him a 10”

“I love her, a 10!”

“Boring, sloppy, bland. The makeup is not giving and lord do i hate the way she does her face in pictures, unfortunately giving our family history I see her a lot, a 5.97 if I’m being generous.”

“aah jesse, a 10…”

“Well I don’t sleep with ugly people do I? Sleeping with ugly people just makes your attractiveness lower because ugly people are like a disease and a creation by Satan so a 9.98”

Kristi: i’m barking like a dog

“Oh… a 10, her face is quite captivating”

“1: I don’t like her face shape, 2 her eyebrows are annoying 3: she has ig people would say pretty eyes, 4: her lips are nice, and giving all of this, a hard 6 at best,”

“A 6”

“She her a nice face shape, still trying to figure out if I like how blue her eyes are but an 8.98”

Kristi: Make me your dog, i love her so much

"Oh, she’s very much my type on paper for ladies and her cold appearance is very intriguing, and I think she will be really really photographic and because i like photography a 10

“Well,… hmm… I think, Well she’s very gorgeous I can’t lie sadly a 9.99”

“Oh… a 10…”



No just no, I would let him hold my bag tho! He could be a nice security guard or scarecrow-kidding, just kidding, a 5.56"


Aaah Tae, tae. 9.67"

“I’m not rating myself,”

“She’s kind of creepy but I suppose pretty, I wished it was one of her sisters that got in instead of her though, Kaelista was so fun back in our teen years but a 9.37”

“Umm a 8?”

“Annoying, creepy and probably a serial killer a 9.”


Lyra: Why so shallow, we should not be judging people on appearance. I must do it, well okay then.
Dante: You think I care enough? Oh, I get expelled otherwise. Ughhhhhhhh, okay, fair, you’ll get numbers only, no explanation… Can’t be bothered.

Nothing about him truly peaks my interest, 6.5/10

10/10, so hot on the exterior, shame she is so cold on the interior

One might not expect it, but I like his vibe, 9/10

So precious, 8.5/10

9/10, my cousin is so pretty :pleading_face:

Her hair, her eyes, just wow, 8.5/10

Miss ‘thinks she’s oh so perfect’, nope, I would say not higher than a 7/10

4, last guy I would ever go for. Even if the future of magic depended on it, I would need to have a serious deep debate with myself
10 :sunglasses:

Undeniably stunning and enchanting, 8/10

Stunning, those Italian genes :heart_eyes: 9/10

Boy next door vibes, 7/10

10/10, no explanation needed. Okay, you caught me, maybe I’m a bit biased cause she is a close friend :pleading_face:

I like her bangs, they ae so cute, 7/10

Why do all these guys look the same, 6/10

1 or 0, oh, you must have misheard me, I meant a 10/10, of course :innocent:

6/10, no more words needed.

10/10, can we just universally agree she’s the definition of beauty?

7/10, I don’t love but don’t hate myself either, I think I’m just fine as I am.

6/10, just not very memorable to me

Another off these just guys, 6/10

7/10, pleasing to the eyes yet not too special

Same level as Seung-Min, 7/10

7.5, we have so many beauties, and she’s definitely one of them

7, I mean, there is a reason I dated him. That’s the extra point.


Aurora: ”Wow, so fun! What a creative and… Superficial question. I wish I had more time for this so let’s do this quickly.“
Hayes: ”How in character this is for most students in here… Do we not have other more important things to worry about?“

”Very interesting character, very unique! 8“
”I… I don’t know what to say this is worse than I thought. I don’t know? 7?“

”Oh, oh… Such a pretty face wasted on such an ugly heart. But that’s not what you asked me was it? So I have to say 8“

”Hey, that’s my dear friend! 10 always“
”Isn’t it kind of weird rating people? 8“

”Heeey heyy what did everyone else say??“
”Uh… 8“

”Have you seen the way her hair bounces!? Such a sweetheart, 9“

”Such a beauty! 10“

”Oh hi Celestine! Why do people compare us? 9“

”He should smile but still such a cutie! 9“

”Woahh such magical vibes, you know? Just looking at her makes you happy. 10“

”So sophisticated, so powerful. 10“

”I… Would rather not comment. He truly is an attractive guy. 10“

”So so so so sweet. 9“
”Can we stop? 10“

”There is just something so powerful about girls that look like her. Have you noticed that- You probably don’t know what I mean. 9“

”Ah… Don’t mention him. 7“

”My sweeeetest friend. 10! 10!“

”Now rating you cousin is a bit weird, don’t you think?“

”Elegent, posh, sweet, cute, beautiful!!! 10“
”She’s my sister?“

”Like a breath of fresh air in all this darkness. Easy 10“

”Does anyone get a mysterious vibe from her? Anyone? 9“


”Not quite my type but have you seen the way he dresses?! Soooo good! 7!“

”I do like the hair! Suits Tae so much. 8“

”So sweet, you just want to huuug her. 9“
”We are still doing this? 9“



Atlas: Not a question I expected, but why not? Just don’t take what I say too seriously~
Dominic: Really? Criticizing by appearance? If I have no choice…

I’ve never met him, he kind of intimidates me. Looks like the son of someone rich and important

He looks intelligent

She could use some positivity in her life! Gorgeous all around, Amanieee

This is one of the people in my coven? I’ve heard a lot about her and none of it was good. She sounds absolutely insufferable, I feel sorry for whoever had to deal with her in their lives. I hope I never have to face her in person. Just the thought of having to share a group with someone like her makes me want to switch. I can’t stand her, even if we’ve never met. Doesn’t help that she reminds me of someone I wish I could forget… Oh, I was supposed to judge her appearance?

Who’s this handsome guy? You have to introduce me.

I don’t know him, but I’m not too impressed.

She always lights up any room she’s in. Truly radiant.

She’s beautiful, for sure.


Nothing stands out.

She seems fun. Not my type though, sorry.


Oh, hello again. She’s gorgeous. Celestial, even.

Not my type.

I like his style. Give me his number, I need to be friends

Not my type. It also feels weird to rate him.

She’s beautiful. Sounds like an interesting person too, I’d love to meet her

Not exactly my type. She also seems… Weird.

Not my type exactly, but I would love to be friends. Something about her makes me curious

She looks like she could ruin my life. I don’t know what to think about that.

Vampires show up in photos? I’m sorry— He looks good but he kind of scares me…


Beautiful inside and out, even if it’s been a while since I’ve seen her…

Again, nothing much about her. But she looks quiet, good enough for me.

She looks like a gentle person, gorgeous too

I guess she’s fine.

He’s so mysterious, but it seems like part of his charm

Some guy.

I like her style and her energy, she’s so… vibrant. It’s Nessa-cery to say


No comment, he sounds like trouble. And fun

I guess he’s okay.

A quiet presence, but no doubt got my attention

Elegant and looks intelligent. What more could I say?

Really beautiful, if you ask me. I’d love to get to know her, I can tell she’s a kind soul


Again, not my type. And a bit intimidating. But as her last name says, she’s as beautiful as the Laurent flower… Wait… Laurel. Wait. That’s not a flower… Raven. She’s as beautiful as a raven.

Why do I have to explain myself?

I’m not biased because we’re friends, what do you mean?

Boring. You’d think for someone with that personality…

Oh, one of the new members. He seems like a sweet guy

Can I leave already?

Not much to say

A guy.

So pretty

Doesn’t stand out much, but she looks clever beneath the surface.

How’s the mafia, boss? I’m sorry, don’t endzo my life—

It feels weird to rate him. Wouldn’t say he looks bad


Renlin- Rating looks? That’s like trying to rate pizza toppings – everyone has their flavor, and it’s all good in the end! Except pineapple…
Inessa - Oh, you know, everyone’s got their unique qualities. It’s not my thing to rate people, we’re all just doing our own thing, but like I guess

How does his skin manage to shine so much? 5/10
Those eyebrows are killing it, and he probably knows all the best spots for a killer blowout. Just not really my vibe, you know? 4/10

Oh, don’t make me barf, are you kidding? 4/10
Even though I genuinely can’t stand her, I’ll give credit where it’s due—she’s undeniably very pretty. 9/10

maybe he’s secretly a zombie because that dead-eyed look is pretty convincing. 7/10
Have you checked out his eyes? They’re pretty mesmerizing. 8/10

I mean, yeah, she’s got some pretty kissable lips, I won’t lie. 9/10
My bestie girl is a total hottie! 10/10

I feel like she’s just too animated for my taste. Does that make sense? 2/10
That girl is cute, but I can’t help but think her hair is a bit too brassy. Oh well, it’s all good. 7/10

I get the feeling she’d chew me up and spit me out. 3/10
She gives off some amazing black cat vibes, and I’m totally here for it! 6/10

She’s undeniably pretty, but goodness, she’s just too cheery… like Ness is too, but in a different way. 7/10
I bet some peachy blush would look absolutely amazing on her! 6/10

Let me run my fingers through those luscious locks. 710
Ew, he’s like my brother’s lover or something, but I gotta admit, I do have eyes. 8/10

I’ve got to admit, she’s hands down the hottest new girl for sure. 10/10
Her lips are just perfect! I wish mine were… and don’t even get me started on those doe eyes. Are you kidding me? 9/10

I watched that vampire show with my sister, and she totally reminds me of the one who was obsessed with that guy. Was it Caitlin? 7/10
Oh, she’s giving off those vampy vibes, you know? And those eyes, totally must be some colored contacts. Just my observation, though. 5/10

If he were one of the seven dwarfs, he’d definitely be Grumpy. 5/10
Sure, he’s got a nice jawline, but those lips? Kinda small. And let’s not even get started on the trash personality – I said it. 4/10

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Nothing that makes my jaw drop, but also nothing that makes me look away. Just kind of in the middle. 5/10
Girrrrlll, red is totally your color!! 7/10

Yeah, I like her style, but she’s on the shorter side, right? Regardless, I’d definitely spend time getting to know her. 10/10
Stop, have you seen her? The haircut, so petite, her style… 10/10

Haysie boy, aw, like a shy little puppy dog 7/10
He’s like my best guy friend, so it would be weird to think of him that way… ha… plus, he smokes… ew… ha. 10/10

what’s the word on the street about yours truly? Give me the juicy deets!

Give me a kiss, baby. 8/10
Sometimes I’m like, Yeah, I can see why people think that, but then other times, it’s just a big eh. 7/10

Just not really my type. Nothing else, sorry. 2/10
Not too many can rock bangs, but she totally pulls it off! Plus, those vibes she’s giving? Totally old money. 7/10

She’s literally the only natural blonde around here, so that’s saying something, right? I wonder, do blondes really have more fun? 7/10
She’s just a little garden fairy! 7/10

She’s got that scary vibe, but I’m not scared, you know? 7/10
I don’t know why I’m kind of afraid of her, but I guess if someone had to be the cause of my demise, it’s a tiny bit comforting if they’re attractive. 8/10

No lie, he’s the hottest man alive for sure. 10000/10
Alright, gross.

I don’t really have an opinion. 5/10
Veneers aren’t really my cup of tea when it comes to looks. 3/10

No comment.
That’s my cousin…

Yeah, she’s just absolutely gorgeous, no denying it. 10/10
Her curls are absolutely stunning, and she literally has legs for days! 10/10

I’d tap that. 8/10
Maybe if he didn’t give off that musty energy… 6/10


Desdémona: i think everyone is special in their own way! I couldn’t rate them because everyone’s number would be too high :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Vinnies mean answers (him not me);
I’m picturing him answering this in the boys locker room with only boxers and his ego on

4/10 he looks sad and hunched over
Get it together
And maybe some skin care. Even I do that

Physically she could be very beautiful but unfortunately she ruins it by being a tw4t. I am bitter/10

Optimistic 8
He reminds me of a song I once heard
But he is short so -2 points

Physically she is gorgeous. And she is so unique in her style and hair. 9/10
Personality- she needs a bit of corrupting. But leave that to me (he smirks)

Who is this simpleton
I don’t know
Oh Ayla
She’s weird but energetic I’m charmed

That is a Maserati of a woman
My mind will not be changed

Her hair is too wild
She needs a shower

His eyes are so round it haunts me
Why is he so tall
Stop it

Well rounded attractive woman
A bit too strange for me
And not in the good way

I like her style
Very soft features though looks like a friend of Edgar Allen Poe

10/10 my brothaaaa
He’s perfect

2/10 would be hot if she weren’t so boring
Lost her spark

Pretty in the face
Too skinny though
Im not into that

6/10 he’s alright

Too happy looking it’s annoying
Can’t dress
Her face is weird

2 I guess bc I have to put up with him
He’s cute tho

5/10 looks like a lesbian
But if she’s not :eyes:

Very beautiful
A little alien looking those eyes are too blue

4/10 she looks even more lesbian than the other one

11/10 are you kidding
I would take him any day of the week

Who now?
Oh nah that’s gay

Cute face

Hot but bland

10/10 I am an adonis


Hey friends we are here to play a fun game of marry, kill, fck, such a fun game and i’ll chose my first character to do this fun game with, roll with the help of my friend discobot. Discobot had chosen: Agastaya

so fren lets play this game and have fun, and yes you have to pick as it is a matter of life and death situation and im holding a gun making you play the game

Devon, Atlas, Aurora

Freya, Hayes, Inessa

Alya, Celestine, Cayenne

Amani, Vincenzo, Dominic

Renlin, Thalia, Esther

Jesse, Dante, Desdemona

Lenore, Raven, Lyra

Tae, Seung-Min, Raven

pt 1



Celestine - Honestly, it does seem reductive to diminish a person on looks… but since it is about my preferences, then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to say something.
Seung-min - Oh wow, well… I have seen some hotties here so, let’s do it!

An elegant man who at looks put together, I have nothing bad to say. 8/10.

Seung-min - So cool and handsome, would want to talk to him, 9/10!

People have many things to say about her, but to me, she will always be my no. 1 confidante in this institution. A woman with great sense and style, I will admit I have… borrowed one or two blouses from her, but don’t tell her. 10/10. I’d scale her top it were a hundred laughs

She looks intimidating, but so pretty! I… probably won’t have the strength to go near her… So, 7?

Another one who I’d call a good friend, he’s very nice, made him listen to some of my music. He has a gentle heart and a gentle look to compliment it. 9/10.

He’s so handsome and amazing, I’ve… inspected his insta and I wanna meet him so baddd. Would smooch in head, 100/10!

She has such a unique look that is so unique to her! Her hair is so vibrant too, reminds me of… fourgon d’incendie. 7/10.

I’d want to meet her, she seems like a 9/10 all round!

Cute fashion sense. She’s new in our group, but I sense she might give a sense of brightness in our place. 8/10.

Happy vibes! I love her clothes, I wanna know where she shops her clothes, eek! 10/10 just for her style!

Elegant style, very fierce. 8/10.

So many pretty girls in the school, I like her hair, so pretty. 10!

A lady who embodies grace and elegance, what is to say about her than a 10/10. Has anyone mentioned how great her hair looks?

Hoot! Wait no, that sounds bad… If you know, you know. You know, 나는 훗! 훗! 훗! Anyways, 10 for the vibes~

A fine man, I would say. The biker aesthetic, rebellious nature and all, though I do worry he might carry away sometimes. 9/10.

So many hot men. Umm, I don’t know, I’d probably blush lookin’ at him. Damn. 10!

She’s new, right? She has looks and a good status but, she’s peculiar to even be liked. Who knows, I can’t really judge she might be good company. 7/10.

Ethereal beauty, wow! 9!

For a woman of her status, she is quite pretty and presentable. A lovely style too, would borrow blouses if she wants. 9/10.

Ooooh, a stunning beauty. Would list as peeps I want to be friends, 9!

Also new, nothing to say but he has nice clothes. 7/10.

Such a nice allure, he’s so amazing to look at… um, 10.

Such elegance. I heard here and there that she does ice skating, to do that while maintaining a certain moxie, I shudder in excitement. 10/10.

She looks amazing, woahh. Everyone is so nice looking, I wanna make friends with everyone now. 9!

Nice lady, she has good style and a lovely fondness to cats. 8/10.

So stunning, reminds me of an actress… can’t recall though at the moment. Oh well, 10!

That silent nature does give him an air of mystique, doesn’t help he has sharp academic style and good looks. 9/10.

Oh man… He’s also so hot, that allure! If I can, I would. I’ll probably just talk to him, I’d be nervous though! Sigh He deserves a 10!

She has nice style and a nice personality, blonde hair, beautiful. 7/10.

Fun style! Very cheerly, you noticed how I love a bright fashion choice? Yeahhhh. 10.

Oh, he definitely represents that air of certain elegance. Such a magnetic energy, knows how to play a game of cards if you know I mean. But nice style and suave. 9/10

Wow… He looks like those actors in Bridgerton… So breathtaking… Would hug him if he wants! 10.

Met her once or twice in the library, and have admired her presence. A silent energy that just calms you, love her fashion too. 9/10.

She’s so amazing to look, I love bangs, what a way to frame a face. 10!

Where do we start… at least she styles her hair more than the others in campus, and I will say that she has a nice talent… great gowns, beautiful gowns. Lovely person, I’m sooo sure.

Another ethereal beauty! I love her, so sincere to look at. Would want to be friends with her! 8 for the hair.

Such a lovely style, very nice to look at. 8/10.

So edgy! I love fierce fashion so much, feels like I don’t always execute it well since… you know. 10!

Him. I’ve seen him with Dante and some of his group, but I’ve heard a lot and never liked one bit. Too crass, too much. Worried bout him though, bless his heart. 6/10.

He looks cool! I wanna chill with him! He’s probably too manly for me, but I’ll just admire from far. 9 for the hair.

He’s new right? I guess you could say sweet is too sweet, from what I’ve heard. Cute style though, 7/10.

Me? I feel like I’m a solid 8. Would be higher if I wasn’t so… clumsy, yeah.

Not much to say, but he has a nice face and a great sense of style. 7/10.

Ooooh so pretty! I want to be friends with him, I wonder if he can play a guitar… 9/10!

Fascinating girl, albeit a bit too strange for my taste. She has a nice standing though… may have said this too much but she has a nice sense of style.

Her hair is so amazing! Wow! Just for the hair, 10.

…You serious? I mean… he has a nice face, but you can’t even look at him since… who let him in? Oh god, the thought of him makes me shudder. 3/10.

Those eyes, if I could look at them forever. Woww, I want to be friends with him too! Maybe… nah. 10!


hey friend, so inessa how are you? I want to play a little game with you, a fun game of marry, kill, fck, such a fun game

so fren lets play this game and have fun, and yes you have to pick as it is a matter of life and death situation and im holding a gun making you play the game

Agastya, Vincenzo, Amani

Atlas, Dom, Desdemona

Alya, Aurora, Thalia

Dante, Devon, Esther

Freya, Hayes, Jesse

lyra, lenore, raven

Seung min, Celestine, Devon



marry, fck, kill

marry, kill, fck

kill, marry, fck

fck, kill, marry

fck, marry, kill

marry, fck, kill

kill, marry, fck


Ok my favorite weird @ss mf little Vinnie, come and answer some questions would you.

so i want to play a little game with you, cute sweet and innocent- well not really but eh, anyways I have a gun, no i really do shows the gun this is incase you chose not to answer and i will shot and i have magical powers so like dont even try i’m secretly a being you dont know about so lets start the game

its a game of marry, kill or FCKKK have them bouncing on you you know what or you bouncing on their you know what or strap whatever you’re into because you know i dont judge

Aurora, Ayla, Cayenne

Atlas, Lyra, Renlin

Agastya, Lenore, Jesse

Inessa, Dante, Dominic

Amani, Freya, Raven

Devon, Tae, Hayes

Esther, Seung-Min, Thalia

Ayla, Celestine, Dominic

Agastya, Dante, Hayes

Thalia, Jesse, Lenore

Desdemona, Renlin, Inessa

Lyra, Seung-Min, Freya

Aurora, Tae, Raven

Atlas, Amani, Esther

: Cayenne, Devon, Celestine

Amani, Aurora, Hayes



vinnie strapped to a a chair and a lie detector machine with no shirt on
okay madam kristi
bring on the questions
even tho youre a little weird for saying all that about the fck answer
something on your mind?

you tell him to stop getting distracted and he sighs, waiting for the list of names

fck kill marry
i am a simple man

kill fck marry
im already married to the third one

fck i guess. marry kill
jess is annoying

marry kill fck
the dominic thing might be weird but
hes hot what can i say

fck (her literal brains out), kill, marry maybe?
freya is a bore
amani is gestures with hands frustratedly amani
raven is kind of intimidating. but i like that in a girl

fck kill marry
tae isnt cool with my friends. so hes not cool with me.

marry kill fck

fck kill marry

marry kill fck

fck kill marry
lenore is… he smirks

fck marry kill
you already know kristi

marry kill fck
okay maybe freya is a little hot
(also lyra aw)

marry kill fck
ah the principals daughter is so irritating
but shes also got something… about her…

kill fck marry
(imy esther)

marry fck kill

fck marry kill


why he gotta be shirtless :sob:

Question vinnie what did jesse boy do to you?


for my own entertainment - ixy

i just dont like him - vinnie


Agastya: “Honest answers? Better yet are they going to see this?”
Ayla: “I mean, opinions can’t be argued right? Okay, I suppose.”

Agastya: “10/10 no questions asked.”

Ayla: “Uhh, he’s honestly a bit…plain. But he does have a nice smile. Maybe a different picture would do him justice.”

Agastya: “She’s mid. 7/10.”

Ayla: “Oh wow, she’s gorgeous. But more than that, she looks like she was pull, like she’s powerful. 9/10”

Agastya: “I won’t lie, he does have nice hair. And eyes. But he’s rather generic looking. He’s literally every other instagram model out there. 7/10.”

Ayla: “Woah, that jawline… 8/10.”

Agastya: “She looks more like a moose than a dear. I don’t see the ‘appeal’. 5/10.”

Ayla: “She’s pretty. 8/10.”

Agastya: “Hmmm…. She doesn’t look like she’ll fit in here. Probably 6/10, she looks like a baby with a weird face.”

Ayla: “Do I rate myself? 8/10.”

Agastya: “She’s pretty, but she also looks boring. A little bland… wait, what? She’s in cipher? Oh, 8/10 for sure then.”

“Ooh, 7/10. Her aesthetic is a bit dark for me, but she’s still beautiful.”

Agastya: “I… I don’t know what it is about these redheads. 6/10.”

Ayla: “What a cutie, 8/10.”

Agastya: “He’s hot in the sense of an early 2000s movies, maybe late 90s love interest-‘bad boy’ type. But otherwise boring looking guy. 5/10.”

Ayla: “He looks… 6/10. I don’t know how to describe him. Not my cup of tea.”

Agastya: “She’s pretty, I guess. I think it’s that she looks happy. I wonder how long that will last. 7/10.”
Ayla: “She’s gorgeous, and that aesthetic she has going on? 10/10.”

Agastya: “She looks like a Devon. Weird. 8/10”

Ayla: “Her makeup is so distinctive. She looks intimidating honestly. 7/10.”

Agastya: “Looks. Like. Every. Other. Guy. On. The. Internet. 5/10. He’s to average.”
Ayla: “Definitely a 7/10.”

Agastya: “She’s really… cute. Beautiful. 10/10.”
Ayla: “She’s adorable. 7/10.”

Agastya: She’s cute, I wonder how long she’ll last. But again, she looks like a baby. I feel like I’m rating a lot of young children. 6/10”
“She looks smart, and that’s a bit worrisome… heh. 7/10.”

Agastya: “Boring face, boring boy from what I can see. 7/10.”

Ayla: “Ehh, not really my type. 6/10.”

Agastya: “Looks like she’s trying too hard. 6/10.”

Ayla: “She has a nice smile, 7/10.”[/color]

Agastya: “He looks like a prick, and that he thinks he’s better than us…[ …] No, I don’t think I’m like that. Anyway. 6/10.”
“I can’t tell if he looks smart or captivating. 7/10”

Agastya: “Lenore, Lenore, Lenore. She’s pretty and all, but I’m not so sure about her. She’s quiet. 8/10.”
“She’s soooo pretty, 9/10!”

Agastya: “There’s nothing remarkable about her face. 5/10.”

Ayla: “Literally a super model, 10/10!”

Agastya: She’s hot, and looks like she would be in control. 8/10, I suppose .”
Ayla: “She looks a bit intimidating too. 6/10.”

Agastya: “He looks too happy. 3/4.”

Ayla: “Looks like a loose cannon to tell the truth. ‘Free spirit’, sounds better, actually. 8/10.”

Agastya: “He looks boring and forgettable. 5/10.”

Ayla: “He looks so cute, 7/10.”

Agastya: clears throat “9/10. He’s fetching.”
Ayla: “I feel like I’m saying cute too much, but he is!! 6/10 though.”

Agastya: “7/10. No comment.”
Ayla: “HER HAIR!! Beautiful!! 9/10!”

Agastya: “Why is his jaw so square? It’s… weird. Also he looks tired . 5/10.”

Ayla: “He’s actually so hot,” * laughs nervously* “8/10. Yeah, that sounds right.”

Oggy: “I think it went well, I think I was very generous. Especially for some of them.”

Ayla: “Honestly, that rating would definitely change for some of them based off their personalities. I was as honest as I could be though.” shrugs