Odd anime and manga couples

What are your odd anime and manga couples?

For me it’s:

  • Kirito and lefea (cousin - season 2 SAO ship)
  • Yuki x kaname (Ancestor/ brother/husband vampire Knight)
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Karou and Hikaru - OHSHC (Twins…)

Burn it-

With fire.

That’s gross

Removed couples tag!

There are so many shows that try and put relatives together :nauseated_face:

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Oh god…yeah

Alfred(America) and Arthur(England) - Son and Father(Hetalia)…I guess. I mean, the lines are kinda blurred because they’re countries. Still don’t really like it.

In all honesty I can’t think of any odd couples :thinking: then again the anime’s I watch really don’t have a focus on romance. I’m sure there must have been some kinda strange couple in One Piece at some point :joy:

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