One Shot Stories and Flash Fictions

A flash fiction is a genre of fiction that can be defined as a very short story, but even if it’s a really short story, there are still plot and character development in the works. A one-shot story is also a short story, but is only done in one… well, shot. So, like, see a one page/ chapter or something-

A flash fiction is not necessarily one-shot, but a one-shot can be a flash fiction… or at least that’s what I think.

I’ve read one shot stories before, though I’ve only ever seen them in Wattpad, so now I’m thinking it’s a Wattpad thing xDD but yeah, I do like to read them; they’re short but also intriguing.


I’ve written two!

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ooo :eyes: what are they about?

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They’re Creepypasta! One’s a Lost Episode and the other is an OC.

I’ve never read one-shot stories until a few weeks ago (on Wattpad :joy:) but now I started to really enjoy them because I can read them when I have just a few minutes of free time

@Bookworms Can anyone recommend good flash fictions? I started to love one-shots and now I want to see what the difference to flash fictions is :smile_cat:

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Hmm… I hadn’t heard of this before, but perhaps this could be a forum competition. Interesting.