Online Courses To Help You Up-Skill

There are plenty of amazing online courses that you may want to take to help you up-skill and become more employable. Here is a wiki thread to suggest all of the online courses (free and paid) which may be of use to you!

  • Please suggest specific courses, not just whole websites.
  • Please make sure that you suggest legitimate courses, not scams.
  • No duplicates, please!

  • Google Digital Garage has an accredited course in digital marketing which gives you a certificate at the end! It’s free and a great thing to add to your CV/resumé!

  • Doing a TEFL course with is a great thing to do if you want to teach English, either in your own country or abroad. It costs a few hundred pounds (UK), but I recommend online accredited Level 5 course! It is accredited, good for social distancing and a cheaper alternative to CELTA or CertTESOL if you are just starting out. Eventually, I recommend doing one of those, but this is more accessible and a great way to get into teaching!

  • The Typing Club doesn’t offer a comprehensive course with a certificate, but it does give you loads of exercises and information to help you improve your typing skills! Being able to type quickly (touch typing in particular) is a great skill that will help you to become more employable!


This is particularly awesome in light of the Coronavirus lockdown! While you’re stuck at home, why not do something to help your job prospects?


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For coding courses I would recommend W3Schools where you can get web certificates that prove fundamental knowledge and will give you credibility when applying for jobs. The courses are free for everyone but the certificates costs an amount of money, a bit less than a 100 bucks each.

W3Schools has a couple of more certificates than listed above that are to be found on their website.


@Discussions any more courses to add, or has anyone tried any?


Here are some fun ones:

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I think they are pretty useful. There are some that seem to make me actually want to work and not put stuff off. Pretty cool. I’ll be sure to check some out when I get the time (which is prolly never, but maybe, who knows.)

Learning to code is fun asf.


!! you need this ~ especially for my computer science people ~ !!

IF you are able to certify you are a student, you will get access to this github pack!! School ID, Registration Papers, use an email with your school domain (what I did) and you can access to coding classes, resources, domain names, tools, EXPENSIVE computer programming things for :sparkles: free :sparkles: !! Some popular names: Canva Pro, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Domain Names, Unity, GitKraken, Educative, and more. The combined value of this pack is $12,000.If you’re new to coding and computer science they have classes that are worth a lot of money for free, if your experienced they have a bunch of cloud development and software tools you CAN NOT miss out on.

@Cam uwu because you do javascript things

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ooooh thank you~

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