Online or IRL promotion?

Do you prefer to promote your story online or IRL?

Both has it’s pros and cons so this is probably just about personal preferences, but let’s discuss it!
I dislike promoting my story IRL because it wouldn’t even make much sense to me, I don’t know enough people in real life :joy:


I don’t think I would promote my stories irl because I don’t really have any friends and I feel like it might be awkward to ask my family to read my stories

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I prefer online tbf because it can get round to more people in my opinion :blush:and also, I’d feel much more awkward sharing with others in person :joy:

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Online promotion is easier for me because you can always search for people who are interested in that particular genre of stories you write. Whereas in real life, it’s harder to find people who would be interested in reading your story.

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