OOf this is weird

HAI! My name is andee as u may or may not know anyway I need friends :see_no_evil:
I finally got out of bed this moring and completely regret it :roll_eyes:
I’m lonely asf and my mom took my phone :triumph:
so if anyone wants to be friends im down. :pleading_face:

u gotta be crazy doe :eyes:


Does having a serial killer and Creepypasta obsession count?


either is fine :relieved::v:t2:


Same , I’d love to ?

Oh I’d love to be friends :nerd_face::smirk:
My name is Frenchie wbu? :eyes::joy::joy:

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My name is rat :eyes: frenchie named me that :joy::joy:

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Omg rat called me Frenchie too, she’s so smart do u know her :relieved::new_moon_with_face:

hehe ye she kinda lives inside of me :smirk:
do yk frenchie :nerd_face:

Yeah she’s pretty cool ngl :nail_care:t5::relieved:

lmao shes the best :relieved::nail_care:t2:

No rat is the best :relieved::gift_heart:

ily ratty :new_moon_with_face::nerd_face::cupid:

no frenchie :pleading_face::revolving_hearts:

ilyt frenchie :eyes::heart:

Hai I’d love to be friends :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sneezing_face:

i missed u b*tch hru? :pensive:

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I missed you more h*e I’m good how are you? and you have to censor your swear words :sneezing_face:

fck sht idc :pleading_face:
im ok. pm me :pleading_face::heart:

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Oki ma’am

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Umm hello, do you wanna be frens? :pleading_face::point_right:t3::point_left:t3:

hai ofc! :pleading_face: :point_right:t2: :point_left:t2:
im ratt and chu?

I’m toaster :point_right:t3::point_left:t3: