Opinions on botox

What do you guys think of botox? Personally, I don’t really care if other people wanna get it but I can’t see myself getting it, that doesn’t mean I find it “wrong” because I don’t.

What do you guys think?


I really have nothing against it, if someone wants that it’s perfectly fine. Same with plastic surgery!
Were there times when I thought about getting it, but not now at this age? Yup, but I probably wouldn’t.

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I have nothing against it! But I probably personally won’t get it- unessesary anxiety about needles and they wouldn’t stay anyway. It would be a good thing to try tho- but from what I’ve heard they try to up-sale you a lot by giving you more botox than would actually be good for/suit your face!

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honestly if it makes someone feel better about themselves i have nothing against it. heck i might get some myself when im older. as long as it isnt an unhealthy amount

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I’d rather encourage body positivity rather than aesthetic change due to inherent self-image problems. People who compare it to transitioning make me angry, please don’t but like. It’s none of my business. If you’re an adult, do what you like :joy:


There are people who have got botox who compare it to transitioning?


You can also get botox to reduce migraines; I tried that but it really didn’t help. :pensive:
My mom wanted to get botox for her face, but she went to a doctor and they told her that it would be better to get a face lift instead, because botox only lasts 3-6 months.


Have nothing against it but I don’t see me ever getting botox!

Most of the time it looks kind of strange when people overdo it.

Oh yeah, it happens a lot. People mostly try and use it as an excuse to be like ‘hey look, transitioning is literally just like this!’ When it’s. Not

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I don’t mind it however there is a certain cut off point for it.

The cosmetic surgery industry itself is quite… problematic? It makes it’s money off of people’s insecurities and I don’t personally agree with that but, it’s your choice.

This is a facepalm moment. … Also, “try to”

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