Opinions on fast-fashion and all that jazz?

M’kay so yesterday I was watching my fav youtuber, Bernadette Banner shameless mentioning, but I love her :pleading_face: and so the things I remember watching that video was about fast fashion and all those faux fabrics and synthetic ones cough polyester cough

So I kinda wanna know, what is your opinion about fast-fashion… and what alternatives you do if you don’t use it. Personally, I try to avoid buying fast fashion shops and normally buy clothing second hand. I don’t like fast-fashion for many reasons. Like second world labor, usage of impractical fabrics, environmental issues. Speaking of the environment, extra opinions on synthetic fabrics and faux textiles? :eyes::eyes:


I try to avoid fast fashion because there are a lot of major issues associated with it and the clothes are made cheaply and to be trendy. There have been a lot of ethical and environment issues there, which should definitely not be being supported

I generally try to avoid what’s “in” at the time. Actually, to be fair, I try to avoid shopping in general, so I guess there’s not much point in replying to this thread. HAHA

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