Overrated Episode stories?

Are there any stories that you consider overrated? Stories that people are crazy about and have millions of reads, but you just don’t get what’s so special about them?

I’ve never read Loco Amor, Chain Reaction, or any of those stories because I’m not interested in the plot, but it seems that those stories are insanely popular.
Another one that a lot of people love, but I’ve never felt compelled to read is Adrenaline.

What are some stories that you consider overrated?

  • Chain Reaction
  • It’s just an Illusion
  • Deep Attraction
  • Pregnant by My Student
  • Hunting Bad
  • Stripped
  • Loco Amor
  • Loving Latino
  • The Teacher

I wasn’t able to get into any of these :no_mouth::rose::two_hearts:

  • Adrenaline
  • Chain Reaction
  • My Bad Boy Roomate by Melissa Lavone (I think)
  • The Teacher
  • The Tutor
  • Loco Amor
  • Eat Me Up
  • Most Romance stories :sweat_smile:

Not really a romance folk, so all popular Romance stories are overrated imo. Maybe the only one off the top of my head that isn’t overrated is Toothbrush

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