Painter ~ Vincent van Gogh 🖌

So, we actually don’t have a thread yet about one of the most famous painters (okay, maybe my Dutch perspective is biased, but still).
So, let’s discuss him and his art. What makes him such an interesting painter, and what’s your favourite piece by him?
I have to say these 2 super famous paintings are my favourite, but his self portrait and sunflowers are rad as well!

As well as this painting I saw irl not long ago and fell in love with since…

Also, tagging @Cam for this thread :eyes:


I’m surprised we don’t have a thread either.


Random fact about van Gogh, he wasn’t at all respected as painter during his lifetime. He only ever sold one of his pieces in his life… He actually really struggled financially


Yep, I heard about that.


It’s interesting to me, how his pieces are so well known and worth millions, when during his time it wasn’t really worth anything. It sort of shows that in a way he was ahead of his time, painting in a style that wasn’t popular back then, but has been valued since!


They only care about you once you’re gone.

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oh i love this thread already!
Van Gogh may be my favourite painter ever tbh, but i have to admit that what is known about his struggle at greatly helped at shaping my perception of him
i love his technique, the visible strokes and mixing of colours are mesmerising (i very clearly remember a Van Gogh reproduction being the first painting ever to truly captivate me)
his paintings fill me with so many feelings, i know i will cry when i see one in person
i wanna mention Starry Night Over the Rhône and The Bedroom as some of my favourite pieces by him (along with the already mentioned ones) as well as his Shoes as one of the pieces that have captivated me

also, i’m tagging @winterswhite because we’ve both expressed loving Van Gogh :3


Having seen both of these in person, I do understand why you like them a lot!

Didn’t know about this piece, but it’s interesting and tells me a story which is quite special in a still life.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of his colour choices in some of his pieces, but his brush work is amazing and very unique. I do love that a lot, especially in person that really stands out!

I’m sure it’ll be a special experience for you yes, they are much more impressive irl than on pictures, so as you already love his work I’m sure it’ll be amazing seeing it itl!

haha I’m glad you do

right? it’s such an interesting thing heh

and yeah his brush work is woah

haha thank youu
im seriously looking forward to it

HEHEHE. So you both need to watch Loving Vincent?

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Hiii :3
I’m definitely… less well-versed in art stuff in general than a lot of people, but I first learned more about van Gogh and his life and struggles through a classmate and it… really touched me? And it’s made me really love his paintings even more ever since
I don’t feel qualified to say much ngl but… I’d like to learn more and see more of his works and all
I’m definitely obsessed with his style of painting, the visible strokes and all give each piece such an interesting look and it’s one of my favorite things
I also really like his color choices, personally!

i… would love to go and see them with you

We should!!


Yes, yes, yes!
Absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful!

Another amazing painter. I really enjoyed my classes when we were learning about post-Impressionism! And I was soooo lucky to see his Stary Night last summer in NY :pleading_face:

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