Paradise Kiss 💋

Let’s talk about Paradise Kiss!

Paradise Kiss is an anime and manga series that also had a live action movie.

Plot Summary

Attending preparatory school has been a normal setting for Yukari for most of her life, respecting the wishes of her parents for a quality education. Now as an elite high school student, she begins to doubt her route in life until she meets the members of “ParaKiss,” a lively group of fashion designers.

Yukari’s asked by the members of ParaKiss to model at the fashion show held at the festival of Yazawa Art School. She hesitates at the thought of becoming a model, but with her encounters with Joji, a designer who adamantly pursues his dream, she’s inspired to pursue her own route in life. Yet, as Yukari comes to know Joji through his odd lifestyle and behaviors, she finds herself strangely attached to him.

Information from crunchyroll.


The art style from the show also looks fairly distinctive, clearly defining the lips of the characters.

  • Have you seen the show?
  • Did you enjoy it, if you’ve seen it? Would you recommend it?
  • Do you think you would enjoy it, if you haven’t?
  • What do you think of the art?



The art kind reminds me of One Piece! I may check it out.

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It does kinda look like that, now that you mention it!

I couldn’t find an easy way to watch it, so let me know if you do hunt down a copy

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This seems familiar. I might’ve watched it years ago…

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