Pet Peeves: School Edition

Since we have threads to talk about opinions and pet peeves for music, gaming, film/tv shows and food. Let’s have one for education. It can be anything that bothered you when you were studying.

  • People looking down on students that chosen to do BTEC (it’s all assignment based with no exams) instead of doing A Levels. Exam based courses aren’t for everyone!
  • Students that have been religiously indoctrinated by their parents. Trust me, I have seen this sh*t before and it was unpleasant. So much conflict happened in my primary school happened because of it
  • When people trash talk students that went to a private school. Not everyone’s a posh tw*t!
  • Name calling from other students
  • University was like high school all over again with such immature students that threatened me with violence for having a different opinion to them
  • Immaturity from students
  • Teachers favouring that one student but I don’t have any room to talk because I was the golden girl who was more of a rebel
  • Uni lecturers being so nosy by asking you about your sex life, wtf
  • Parents trying to convince you that going to university means you’ll be successful in life when that’s not 100% true

What are your pet peeves?


Teachers not believing you but then not apologising when they finally accept your proof


That’s also another pet peeves. Teachers think they’re all gods just because they’re older than us.


And instantly assuming that you have cheated when you did the maths super quickly

  • People in my class saying the N word
  • people in my class making fun of different cultures
  • teachers just not showing up for about an hour while we were waiting for them
  • Teachers that have a stinky coffee breath and still wanna talk to me. :joy:
  • People asking me if I have any stationery which I don’t, lol.
  • Teachers don’t let you go to the toilet during the lesson even when you really need to.

That really pisses me off when that happens.


Pretty sure you will all agree with me on this one…when teachers put you on the spot for no freaking reason!



  • Teachers who say “I hate this class” every five seconds
  • Teachers who move the due date for an assignment but don’t tell the class

One of my teachers back in primary school used to do that. It was so uncomfortable! Especially when she brought up something super personal like when I grew a pair of boobs, she discussed this to the girls in the changing room and it was so embarrassing. I hate her for that and what’s worse is that no one would believe me if I reported her just because she’s a woman.


There was no need to do that. :hushed:


I know right. I was really angry that she did that! Just because I was the first out of the girls to start puberty at a young age and the fact that it enabled the girls to bully me over that. :confused:

  • When really something comes up and you don’t have time to study but the teachers just assumes you forgot or were bored to study
  • Teachers who just shout when explaining during the lesson, like shup up i can hear you.
  • Couples at school
  • Students who think they are wayy better at sports so they trash you because you aren’t that talented at sports but still wanna play coz it’s fun. (or even scream at you when playing in their team and mess up)


  • Teachers giving 30 minute+ speeches on how the class is wasting time
  • Teachers talking to me like I’m 2/an old woman/deaf because I don’t talk a lot
  • When the “good” kid is made to feel like a failure for making mistakes but the “bad” kid is gassed up for not being rude for one lesson
  • When teachers say/do nothing about homophobia in RE because they’re “impartial”/The fact that the existence of gay people is even debate material for RE
  • When schools do nothing about bullying but get mad when the victim defends themselves from their bully
  • Parents Evening. Nothing more to say.
  • Students being made to feel bad about not getting all 7s 8s and 9s
  • Students being made to feel bad about not wanting to go to uni
  • Teachers that complain about how much they hate their classes all the time and then wonder why we don’t like them either
  • Teachers that pick on students
  • When other students ask me what the task is 5 seconds after the teacher explained it
  • Slut-shaming of girls for their skirt length and non-uniform day outfits
  • WhY aRe YoU sO qUiEt?
  • Teachers that mark you down just because they don’t like you
  • Classes that are just toxic environments and are purely negative vibes
  • Students shaming you for having a boyfriend/not having a boyfriend/having a girlfriend
  • Students that swear they’re better than everyone else but feel the need to constantly remind the people they’re supposedly better than

•Teachers who randomly start eating while you’re writing an exam… :expressionless:


When the teacher forces someone to separate from their friends to sit in their assign seat next to you and they get mad and automatically assume that you don’t feel the same way about sitting next to them.

How do you know I wanna sit next to you? :joy:

  • The phrase “The teacher failed me”. I hate this one with a passion. So a student does absolutely nothing all grading period except talk with their friends during class/play. Their notebook and books are either blank or most exercises are incomplete. So, there’s literally nothing to grade, but when they get their grade, they’re mad because they failed? Like, if you didn’t do any work, how am I supposed to grade you?

  • When other teachers in professional development meetings take a whole hour just to explain something simple, therefore making the meeting last longer than it was intended to.

  • When the assignment is to write a story that includes the vocabulary words, and some smart-aleck writes a story like this:
    "The other day, the teacher gave us a list with the following vocabulary words: (insert vocabulary words here). The end. Like, NO. Just… no.

  • When you, the teacher, notices that a kid is being bullied, is depressed, or is having some sort of problem, and when you tell the school psychologist, she’s indifferent over it. This happened last year when my nephew was in my class. There was a period when he came to school depressed and in a bad mood, and I thought the school psychologist could talk to him and help him. But she just brushed it off and didn’t even believe him when he said that some kids in class were being rude to him. The psychologist hardly ever listens when it’s a teacher asking for help. But when it’s an angry parent that they’re scared of, the psychologist and principal make sure we watch the kid like a hawk to make sure no one even looks at them the wrong way.


This. This can describe my school in a nutshell.


I hate students who are say they really love sports but in reality just love the winning. I mean if you really love sports you would help everyone in your team and you would want to win together. And not bring , everyone who isn’t as good as you, down because you aren’t winning the game.