Plagiarism: what's copying and what's not

Plagiarism: whats copying and whats not

What is plagiarism?

"The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own."

In role-playing, plagiarism is pretty much the same.

Role-Play Creation

In role-play creation, plagiarism, for example taking the entire Harry Potter premise or setting a roleplay in it without any credit or acknowledgement is still plagiarism. You should credit somewhere, “Inspired by [source]” or “Based on [source]” and replace the source with the title of the series you took and implemented in your role-play. In role-play creation it’s also important to credit any things you never made yourself. If you did not create it but put it in your sign-ups or roleplay somewhere giving credit the original creator. Another form of copying a roleplay creation is by using an idea similar or exactly the same to somone who’s already created it.

Role-Play Posts

Copying or passing off someone else’s post or writing as your own is plagiarism. This is wrong and against the forum guidelines. “How do I avoid plagiarism?” Simply, don’t copy someone else’s post, either by switching around their words or just plain out copying and pasting it.

What constitutes as a Role-Play Creation Plagiarism?

Copying the same premise or plot or setting without the creators permission. There’s a difference between similarity within genres and similar role-play. For example, I can’t stop you making a roleplay about Greek, Roman, Eygptian and Norse gods altogether or seperate but if there’s a correlating plot/premise (using the Percy Jackson setting) I could call that a ‘copy-cat roleplay’ or a plagiarised role-play.

What happens if someone stole my idea?

Reach out to our @RPStaff or our RP moderator, @CrazyCaliope and let them/her know along with proof you had the idea before. Examples could be a link to a post or something with a time-stamp.

The owner of a role-play similar to mine contacted me, saying I copied theirs. What should I do?

The best thing to do in order to avoid conflict is to acknowledge it and take your roleplay down. If you disagree be sure to let one of the @RPstaff know or @CrazyCaliope as previously mentioned.

I really want to recreate/revamp a dead roleplay that I enjoyed but the owner is inactive

The general rule of thumb is wait two months until the role-play has died, but recall that it’s always good to ask the owner first to be polite.

My role-play is similar, but the other roleplay is dead yet the owner is active

Either ask the owner or wait two months. And as prementioned, it’s always better and polite to ask the owner first.


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Oooh. So what if two people have the same idea but one does it as an sg and the other does it as an rp?


They’ll have to agree/the person came up with it first has to consent to it to either continue both or one of them ending it.


Let’s just remind everyone that this is an amazing tool to read up on and that the work put into it is fantastic and should be appreciated. Just because we write RPs here, doesn’t mean that we are allowed to plagiarise! So long as your idea is original and different from another Rpers, then all should be good. (wink)


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Even if you create a similar idea to an already dead RP, or even an active RP, it’s always best to message the other creator. They may or may not be alright with your idea. If the other creator is not alright with your idea’s similarity to their RP, respect their opinion. If you’re unsure about the similarity, or ways to differentiate between the RPs, you can always discuss with the RPstaff.

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If you use a TV show or movie for your RP/SG, it’ll be plagiarism unless you clearly state that the rp was based/inspired by said show or movie. Stating that the original credits belong to someone else is important, especially if you’re planning on the rp/sg to have the same plot as the show. If you want your rp/sg to be identical to an already existing show or movie, that’s fine, just make sure that it is obvious that the rp/sg wasn’t your idea. Ideally, you would say something like “Based on the original Ghostbusters film” or something, but if your RP/SG is literally named Ghostbusters and it is beyond obvious that it’s based on the original ghostbusters film, I’d say it would be fine, but since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, you should still put a disclaimer saying that this wasn’t your idea.

We don’t want to be copyrighted after all lmao


Every RPer, and even budding RPer, should be in the know of what plagiarism is when it comes to writing, but roleplaying and story-gaming. So please do have a read of this!

I think this is useful for those who want to host a RP, especially for the first time and also for new rpers. It’s easy to create a rp for example based on your favourite show, but it’s important to know what the rules are, not only for this but for all writers as it can get you into real trouble if you manage to accidentally mess up.

@RPers, make sure to take a look at this!

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