PM maximum reply limit

So as many of our new users may have noticed, there is no reply limit in a PM (personal/private message). This means that you can chat endlessly, however there are a few negatives.

  1. Lag. If the pm gets really big (say about 20,000 replies), you may want to consider making a new one because that’s going to take a while to load.
  2. It might scare new people to be added to a pm with that many messages in it
  3. After 10,000 posts/messages, you can’t see the post count anymore. It will say what post you are on, but not out of how many. So if you are reading post 12345, and there are 27378 posts it will only say 12345.

Added help and guide tags :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

Closed due to inactivity :pleading_face: