Poem game! Hope You enjoyyy

Okay so I’ll say a word: cookie
2nd player: *insert cheesy poem about cookie *

3rd player: poem on stars


I saw a fox,
Who lived in a box,
On top of some rocks, wearing white socks.

(Not gonna lie, that sounds more like a bad rap than a poem :woman_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:)

Anyway… next poem:

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Oh my cheese
Eaten by bees
Come alive!
And go and thrive!
Dive into the pan!
Mix it with a span!

Next: knife

Oh a knife
Or is it a kite?
Throw it into the light!
It shines So bright!

Next: Gold

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This is a gold fish
It would make a good DISH
Although it would be very hard,
And it would be very charred
from the grill
And be very still

Next: Rose

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This poem is so unoriginal
It should be considered criminal

Next: Books

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I love books
It has it’s little nooks
I’m a bookworm
You would squirm
At me
When you see

Next: Sun

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The sun is bright!
The heat is just right!
Enough to teach
the joy of beach
to all my friends
who just threads!

Next: Toe

Ok gosh my toe
i called it Poe
It was cute
But I gave it bute
Next: heart

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Moved to games and added tags.

Showery capture

A warm, grumpy heart cuddles

at the perfect time

Next: Sweet