Popular AAA Gaming Companies

Have you ever wondered where your favourite games came from? Have you ever thought about the companies that produce them? Well, many people have. Sims is EA, of course. Skyrim and Fallout are Bethesda. The Legend of Zelda is Nintendo.

This is a very nice baseline understanding of this kind of thing, I won’t lie. I keep up with everything From Software does because the company hasn’t produced a single game that I disliked! So I’d like to have a little discussion about this, especially with how people can attribute every game huge companies like EA, Nntendo or Blizzard put out to just the companies and not the various teams and artistic teams behind them!

So that’s what I’d like to discuss. I know the reason behind this. Capitalism. But do you think it’s important to find out the artistic vision behind your favourite works instead of the faceless company that funded them?

After thinking about this, are you more interested in looking up the actual teams behind your favourite games, instead of just the corporation logo?


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