Positive Things about Episode

What are some positive things about Episode? I know we like to focus on the negatives sometimes but there are positives too.



It can help kids/teens who love to write start off.

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they got great diversity, seriysly sims didnt get hijab in the game before 2019

its the only visual novel app there is offering writhing with the actual novelle charatersthough Dorian will offer it too with time.
and not just text

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I love the episode portal, it’s really fun to direct a story and present it visually (without needing to draw). I appreciate the diversity as well.

The portal is amazing for creating characters, placing them in different settings, and having them interact with each other. Not everyone can draw characters they way they imagine them in their heads. Episode offers plenty of features to make your characters look as close as possible as they would in your imagination (or in real life, in the case that you are basing a character off of someone).

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing and directing your own movie or TV series, you can actually make it look similar to one in Episode.

The portal really is rad :sunglasses:

I know that someone said that it can help kids or teens start writing, but there are plenty of adults who write on Episode. The reason, at least in my case, is the visual aspect. I want to write a story that people can see, and portray my characters and their surroundings the way I see them in my head. That’s why I write on Episode, and that’s probably why many authors choose to write on Episode instead of Wattpad, so that readers can “see” what we imagine our story and characters to look like.

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