Post Category Guide

So the forums are getting slowly bigger and it’s important that we keep things as tidy as possible.

As per the General Forum Guidelines, it is your responsibility when you’re starting a topic to make sure that it goes in the right category:

So please help us to help you! We want to make your time here as easy as possible. A tidy forum is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

So we’ve created a wiki page to give you all the info you need to make sure that you put things in the right place.

Welcome to the Forums

This area is fairly straight-forward. Posts here should be to do with either being new to the Forums or welcoming others to the Forums.


This section is there to help new users, it contains guides and resources about the forum itself.


This section is used for general announcements that are not related to the below categories within this section.

ShanniiWrites Posts

This section is for announcing new posts over on the ShanniiWrites website

Forum Announcements

This is the section used for Forum-based announcements. Used to notify and inform people of goings-on around the forums

Writing Chat

This section is used for discussions between and about writers. The below categories include advice, help, and resources for writers and those interested in becoming writers. Posts here should not fit in with any of the sections below!

e.g. I Just Wanted to Talk About Writing Styles I Love | What Are Everyone’s Favourite Authors?

Help and Advice

This area is specifically for help and advice directed towards writers, new and experienced alike.

e.g. Advice for Fantasy Writers | Any Help for a New Writer?

Writing Resources

This section is a hub for resources for writers to use that may help with their writing or planning in particular.

e.g. Must-Have Timeline App! | Does Anyone Have a Good World-Building Tool for Fantasy??

Writing Discussion

This is an area made for writers to discuss the art with each other, their own writing or simply just a chilled, relaxed conversation between writers, and about writing.

e.g. What Genres Are the Hardest to Write? | I Love to Kill off My Characters, Am I the Only One?

General Chat

This is the general area, the relaxation area so to speak. Any topics that revolve around relaxed conversation should go here. Posting here should be reserved for threads that don’t fit any of the sections below!

e.g. How Old is Everyone? | What is Everyone’s Favourite Food?


An area for discussion, debate, and difficult questions. Topics here should stir conversation and provoke debate. Of course, make sure to follow the Guidelines when posting here, as these topics can get heated!

e.g. Discussion: Controversial American Laws | What is Everyone’s Opinions on Gun Control?


This is an area for discussion on novels and other works of literature. These can be chilled opinion topics or debate-provoking discussion threads

e.g. Opinions on Harry Potter? | What is Everyone’s Favourite Book Series?

Film and TV

An area much like the books section, but for film and TV. As with books, topics here can be relaxed or debate-provoking.

e.g. What is Everyone Watching? | Opinions on Endgame (Spoilers)?


A section to discuss or chat about art or related subjects. Not a section to share or critique art of others here!

e.g. Who’s Your Favorite Artist? | Let’s Talk About: Your Last Trip to a Museum.


This section is to talk and discuss about music related topics.

e.g. What’s Your Favorite Song? | Should Bands/Singers Get Payed More For Streams?


A section about discussion and opinions on school life

e.g. What Does Everyone Think of School Uniforms? | What are Everyone’s Favourite Subjects?


A section for gamers and discussion about games. Much like the previous two sections, this can be simple opinion threads or discussion and critique threads.

e.g. What Are We Playing? | Opinions on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Spoilers)

Health and Beauty

An area for discussions and opinions on health and beauty. From diets, to health goals, to makeup and daily routines, this is where you wanna be!


A discussion area for all things food! Whether it be an appreciation thread for your favourite type of food, or even a recipe book you’d love to share to the internet at large, this is where you wanna be!

e.g. Cheesecake is Best Cake. Fight me | How I like to make Mediterranean Pasta!

18+ Games

A section for those forum games that may be a little saucier than the open forum counterparts, or those maybe not suitable for minors due to certain levels of alcoholic content

Special Chat :lock:

A special chat for special people :eyes:

Roleplays and Games

This is a section dedicated to RPs, SGs and Forum Games!


This section is for guides and information on how to create or participate in RPs or SGs.


This section is specifically designed for posting your RP or SG sign ups.


This is a section for all the active roleplays.

Story Games

This is a section for all the active Story Games

Forum Games

This section is used for Forum games, made by users and sustained over threads.


Closed RPs, SGs, sign up and chat threads will be moved here so you can look back at them. You can also use it to share your old RPs.

Roleplays & Games Chat

A section to chat about RPs, SGs and Forum Games or in general discussions about the RPing world.

Mentors & Apprentices Lounge :lock:

A section for the RP mentors and apprentices to discuss the future of the RPing section. They are the council.

The Patrons’ Lounge :lock:

This is a section for $2 Patrons (Guild tier) to hang out and chill together

The Restricted Section :lock:

The Restricted section is home to anything not suitable for the main forum, due to the advertisements present. This section is essentially where anything 18+ or NSFW will be.

This section is available to $3 Patrons

This section should only be used for threads if they do not belong in any of the subcategories below.


This area is for discussions and promotion of 18+ and NSFW writing or erotica

General Chat

This area is a general chat area for anything not suitable for the main Forum general chat, any relaxed conversation or non-categorised discussion that is 18+ and NSFW.


This area is for sharing, promoting, discussing and critiquing 18+ and NSFW artwork.


For all those saucy roleplay ideas that may be a little too hot for the main forum, this is where you wanna be! Of course, to avoid openly 18+ content leaking onto public spaces, try to make sure you keep it to roleplay signups :wink:


A category for sharing work and art. Posting here should be reserved for any threads that don’t fit in the sections below!

e.g. Here are Some Pictures of my Knitted Sweaters! | I Wanted to Share these Sculptures I Made

Promote Your Story

This section is specifically for story promotion, threads here can be self-promotional or promotion for a friend.

e.g. Please Read My Story! | My Friend Has an Incredible Story that I’d Like to Share!

Suggest Stories

This section is for suggesting stories to people who are looking for specific things.

e.g. This is a Fantastic Story for any Fantasy Fans out There! | For My Fellow Mystery Fans, Some Story Suggestions!

Request Stories

The section is for requesting story ideas and asking people to write of the kind of stories you would like to see.

e.g. I Would Love to see Someone Write a Bad Boy Story Without the Abuse | I Love Fantasy and Romance, and I Would Love for Someone to Write a Great Fantasy-Romance!

Read for Read

This is a typical R4R section, for anyone wanting to read someone else’s story in exchange for reading their own.

Art Exercises

This section is for art activities and daily exercises that help with artistic skill and technique.

Request Services

Art Feedback

This section is for feedback when posting artwork, if only for basic points or for full-blown critique. You can tailor the feedback you would like as well, just make sure to specify this in your post. There are already dedicated critique and share threads here

Writing Feedback

This section is for feedback on your writing, if with short stories or stories in other writing mediums or apps. This could range from editing help or simply basic feedback and critique.

Art Commissions

This is a section for people who want to open commissions or would like to commission an artist to do something specific. Make sure to make this clear in your thread!

Editing Services

This section is dedicated to paid and free editing services for writing. Whether you would like to commission someone to edit your work, or if you’re offering your services as an editor.

Find a Writing Partner

This section is to help people find partners for their writing process, if for sound-boarding or direct help with story writing, editing and planning.

Request ShanniiWrites Posts

This section is dedicated to giving blog post ideas for the main website ShanniiWrites, and is greatly helpful for keeping ideas fresh and the website running smoothly!

Lounge :lock:

The lounge is a chill is for trust level 3 members and higher to relax and chat with each other.

Site Feedback

This is a section for constructive feedback on how to make the ShanniiWrites forums a better place for everyone! Any issues or ideas for how to improve the website and experience should go here.


The uncategorised section is the last resort section for when you simply can’t find anywhere else to post your thread. This is should be mostly empty and mostly used for oddball ideas and joke threads.


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