POV: Your lost items

Imagine someone hands you a box of all the items you have lost throughout your life.

If it did happen, what are some things you’d have back?

Is there some significant items you’d then have? Why are they significant?

Honestly I thought this was a cool thought so do share below some things :))

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Ahhhhh I’d first cryy Idk what I’d find, 'cause it’s 6:30 in the morning and I can’t remember a thing.
Oh, wait, maybe my two hoop earrings, one in gold and one in silver.

I’ve been drawing throughout my life and I’ve lost some of the drawing books
Some due to teacher snatching it because I kept drawing in class without paying attention (they never give me back :cry:)
Some of them I accidentally lost them due to carelessness
I need them because it has my memories in it (Mostly elementary school memories) and my comics are incomplete without them.

One thing I lost that I cried about for a long time. Feels like I’m finally over it now but I was devastated for many years.
I lost my favorite stuffed animal on a bus one time. It was when I was really young, I was tired, I remember asking my dad to hold it and then it was left on the bus. I couldn’t buy a new one or anything like it because it was from Germany gifted to us by our German neighbor who had a bunch of stuffed animals.

My ds, we still don’t know what hapoened to it.
Everything else is mostly just keys and stuff like that.

I realized I’d have a sh!t ton of sketchbooks, diaries and notebooks lol. I

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