POV: You're god

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POV: You are God. You’ve created everything and anything in the universe. The only lifeform you decided to make was the human race on planet Earth. After years of never showing a sign of your existence, you decide you now want to prove yourself. What’s the first thing you’d do? And then the next? Why?


“I gave you a Bible and some idiots still managed to mess everything up in it. When will you learn Google translate isn’t reliable.”

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I’m an atheist, lol.

It’s a POV.

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Ah, alright. I’d probably do something like make something appear or vanish to show my powers.

I’d get rid of Corona like-

To prove your existence?

Yeah that and because it lasted way too long

I would just place my hand near the earth for everyone to see it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then give a thumbs up

I’d make a loud noise/thunder (to be dramatic), make it cloudy and then I will say out loud for the people on earth (everywhere on earth) to hear me

This is what I’ll say

" I am the God of Abraham, the God of Moses and the God of David. My people Thou have done nothing but sin since my lips have been sealed. You have hated and used my name to hate, that is the greatest sin you’ve all done against me! I have told you to love one another to make what but yet you hate and use my name for thy hate you throw on your fellow humans and for this you shall be punished."

*another loud thunder sound follows * *make the everywhere uncloudy again *


I’m sorry I don’t believe in you, don’t kill me!

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I’d do the same.
And I’d take all the time necessary for people to ask as many questions as they want. I mean, I’m God, so I can freeze time.

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“As long as you love your brothers and sisters as much as you love thy self I do not care I’f you believe in I. I have given you the gift of choice to believe and not believe so don’t worry my child I would not kill you”

Nuke the whole earth with my palm. :man_shrugging:t4:


I mean…that works.

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Lmao lol

I would get rid of the problems and then, when I’m bored, I’ll give em the Black Plague.

make trump president- oh wait god not the devil
make frank ocean release a new album :relieved:

god is real kids


Uhm… kill all the bad peeps?

Spin the earth on my finger like a basketball lol.