Privacy Rights: Dicussion

"The right to privacy refers to the concept that one’s personal information is protected from public scrutiny. U.S. Justice Louis Brandeis called it “the right to be left alone.”
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With that being said, privacy rights include the rights in the U.S’s government’s amendments.

For a general idea if you’re not in the U.S, this discussion thread is here for sharing your thoughts on how much rights we should have when it comes to our privacy, what the government should not be allowed to do when it comes to our privacy (like if they should be able to track any of our history, what they allow us to watch, etc.)


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Discussion starter ideas:
Should our online activity be more surveillanced?
What are some laws they should add that contribute to our privacy right?
What laws should they remove?



What do you think of privacy rights?

No, what you do online is your business

I don’t know what laws they currently do have :sweat_smile:

Any laws that infringe on people’s basic privacy


Um, no? As long as you don’t do anything illegal I don’t think everyone deserves to be surveilled.

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I think certain websites should be monitored for who is using them but not necessarily every website you use, google already does that to sell my information to companies who want to sell things to me, the government can just ask google

There should be more legal rights for kids in terms of privacy, like parents not being allowed to take the doors of their kids bedrooms etc Idk if that’s already a law but I do know privacy is a basic human right.

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