Promote a story with Only your favorite character

This can go for any writing platform that you have a story on even an actual book series. The point is to promote your story with your favorite character. You can also promote someone else’s story with your favorite character from that story. Just make sure you put down the title of the story plus the author if you decided to go that route.

So, I’m going to start with my favorite character from one of my favorite book series.

Book Series: Warrior Cats
Author: Erin Hunter
Favorite Character: Rusty


He is a house cat that decides to join the wild cats who are in the Thunder clan. The wild cats are separated into four clans. These clans are separated by territory boundaries inside the forest behind Rusty’s old house. Rusty starts his training to become a thunder clan cat which he then gets caught up in a war between the four clans. He has to protect his new family against the threat that is within.

So, follow the format as shown to promote your favorite stories or even your own story!



Book: Devil’s Triangle
Author: Ivan Skilling
Favorite Character: Sandra


Nowhere is safe from the watchful eyes of the Internet. When a small-time singer flees to her hometown after a scandal, a string of deaths ensues and the list of suspects is endless - ranging from cyber stalkers to old flames.
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Book: Shackles
Author: Ivan Skilling
Favorite Character: Empress Dowager Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian

Follow Empress Wu Zetian’s treacherous journey from the hands of enemy Tufan soldiers back to the Forbidden City where she battles foes from within her own kingdom.
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Those sound really good!

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Thank you very much! :heart_eyes:

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You’re welcome!

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Story: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: RainbowCat (oh, that’s me! :smile_cat:)
Favourite Character: Lola


She’s not the main character but her best friend. She’s generally very kind but also outgoing and brave. She’s a really good actor and likes to pretend to be bossy around her brother’s “employees”. And I really like her hair, she tried out many crazy colours and decided to stick with purple hair now.
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In this story, my favourite character is Benji, who is a bit of the man-wh0re. Not 'cause he only wants to sleep around. Deep down he’d love to meet someone he can settle down with. The only thing that’s stopping him from properly look is his fear, fear of being hurt again.

I’ll just tell you about another story and my favourite character from that story :smile_cat:

Story: The Dawn’s Dusk
Author: @MichiTheThird

Favourite Character: Rhyad

He’s a cutie with some fears to overcome (and some childhood trauma) and it’s just amazing to watch him grow and learn more about himself.

@Writers You can promote your stories here as well!


Brook would laugh and say it bluntly that this story was the beginning of a love. One that starts between boss and colleague.

Story: Deadly Nightshade
Author: Faith
Favorite Character: Joseph


A mysterious man, he’s fiercely loyal to the Thornton family and stays by Richard’s side. He’s a quiet yet kind (when he wants to be) man. He’s also pretty sneaky. I also find him pretty attractive, but he’s not introduced till a later episode.
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I’ll probably come back to this thread with more characters lol

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