Promote your story with a random article of clothing!

My MC from my new story, No Accounting for Taste, would probably wear something like this:

She loves bright colors, floral patterns, and dresses.

What’s an item that one could find in your character’s closet?


Scarlet, from my story Dreams and Nightmares, wears red dresses to important events. One of them looks very similar to this

Contessa would wear something like this

I don’t have any written stories, since I don’t longer write on any apps at all.

@Episodians or @WattpadWizards Do you have stories you’d like to promote it with any article of clothing?

I feel like Florian (the MC) from my story The Emperor would wear something like what John Legend wore to the 2020 Grammys:

Hmmmm…I’ll find something.

Don’t know if this counts as a clothing item, but Casey, the main character from my story Photographs, always wears a cross necklace. I imagine it to look similar to this:


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This is probably something that Eve would wear in this story, though I’m not too sure Natalia would.

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