Promote your story with one unique part in it?

As the title suggests, promote your story with one unique part in it. Also, you made promote more than one story on a single post but be reasonable about the amount, please.

Story: Daughter of the Blue Dragon
Episodes: 4 (Five is coming out soon)
Unique Part: Based on the Japanese Yakuza(mafia) in Japan and America. The story jumps between the two countries.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Now, it’s your turn to promote a story.



Which one, which one…

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Lol whichever one you like to promote the most!

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Ah, ok…

Story: Queer: Flowers Have Thorns
Episodes: 3 (4 will be out… I hope)
Unique part: A twisted mystery-thriller drama surrounding a rich family in Canada and one woman determined to get revenge… the MC is bisexual and the cast is pretty diverse. Lots of secrets everywhere.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Thanks for this thread!

Story: Love by Grace
Chapters: 11 (12 will be out whenever I have motivation again)
Unique part: Shuffles between the perspective of 4 MCs, who are all Asian. Also, Classic + advanced directing.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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You’re welcome!

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Story: Breaking Boundaries

Chapters 15 ongoing

Unique Part- MC stands up for herself she’s a badass, diversity, LGBTQ, sensitive love interest who cares about her not trying to get in her pants. Advanced directing, mini games later on in the chapters. Side characters are also important in there role and actually have lives.

Link-Episode Writer Portal

Story: Devil’s Triangle
Chapters: 31 (Ongoing)
Unique part: Chat server snippets at the beginning of each chapter which ties into the murders later. (Featured on the front page two weeks ago!)

Link: Read Devil's Triangle | Tapas Web Novels

Story: Dark Bytes
Chapters: 26 (Ongoing)
Unique part: Various technological issues covered in different short stories - ranging from zombies, and bioengineering, to mass surveillance and fake news. (Also featured on the front page this week! :heart_eyes:)

Link: Read Dark Bytes | Tapas Web Novels

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Story: SCENT
Chapters: 9
Unique part: A description of a crime scene based entirely on the sense of smell. I can’t single it out, so I’ll just post it here with a quote:

The first layer was a dark rusty brown – a thick crust of dried blood. Traumatic blood, rich with haemoglobin and platelets, full of adrenaline, cortisol, catecholamines and other stress hormones I couldn’t name. The high-charged blood spilling out of a critically injured body, desperate to survive. It was everywhere, covering the room like a shroud, mixed up with terror, aggression, violence and pain.

Sweat filled with testosterone, fear and a cocktail of chemical poisons, covering the bodies in a layer almost as thick as the dried-up blood. Torn flesh and ruptured organs, the faintest trace of burned flesh where super-sonic bullets pierced through. Just beneath that, an unmistakable trace of smokeless gunpowder, oil and overheated metal. A lots of it, from both sides, both the vestibule we were standing in and the devastated interior. Broken wood. Torn leather and sponge filling, burned plastic and smashed electronic circuits still going live.

The carnage was so intense that it covered up everything else in the room.

Link: SCENT - June: The Breathless (1) - Wattpad

@JaxCreation How about Touch? :wink:


Story: Sobbing in the Orchards
Chapters: 20 currently, but there will be near 50 in total
Unique part: The two main characters, who each have PoVs, are part of shapeshifting races from each of their cultures (one is a Korean kumiho/fox spirit, the other is an Afro-Brazilian encantado/dolphin spirit)

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Story: Miss Understood
Chapters: 11 (complete)
Unique part: Emilianna, the MC, is a Lebanese-American young adult working as a first-year elementary school teacher. She’s also asexual.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

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Story: There’s No Accounting for Taste
Chapters: 3 (well, 4 as of tomorrow)
Unique Part: The MC, the LI, and their classmates attend a cooking school, and they often have to complete special challenges like the ones in cooking competition shows. The characters are all very ethnically diverse. The LI is a sweet guy who loves cooking, singing, and playing the guitar. He has two cute cats that he enjoys singing to.

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