Promote your Tapas novels & comics!

So a few people on the forums have Tapas, and this is the thread for promoting your story! Leave some basic information, like the title, the author, whether it’s a novel or a comic, the genre, and a short description of the novel or comic!

I always love seeing the amazing talents of the forumers :two_hearts:


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Here’s my novel:
Title: Dreams and Nightmares.
Author: RainbowCat
Scarlet is caught between her brightest dreams and her darkest nightmares. Will her dreams ever come true or is she stuck with her nightmares forever? What can Jason, Oren and Lola change about that situation and how will it influence their own lives? Will Scarlet’s life ever change from a nightmare to a dream?
Here’s the link:


I’ve already read some and subscribed. I promise to read more later!


Yay, thanks! :see_no_evil:


Here’s my novel:
Title: Rise in the East
Genres: BL, fantasy, drama
Author: foxnflames
Description: Aderran wakes up in a strange house with a strange woman. He’s unable to walk, talk and knows nothing of this world. With some time and patience, Aderran learns from and about his new surrounding from his new “Mother”, who brings up more questions and answers about his newfound existence and the missing pieces of his past.
In the nearby village, Aderran starts to learn more about himself and put together his all but forgotten memories from his past lives. And a chance encounter with someone from his Mother’s past will change his life forever.
He will come to learn more than he thought about being human: friendship, betrayal, heartbreak, and love.

Here’s the link: Read Rise in the East | Tapas Web Novels


Okay… I really dislike promoting my writing 'cause I never think it’s any good and I have no confidence in it, HOWEVER, this whole story/series was for Shannii and the forums.

It’s actually for all those wanting a PG-13 SNEAK PEEK at the RESTRICTED section RP prompt threads.

Sooo… here goes…

Risqué Whispers


Genres: Romance
Author: Caliope
Description:This is just little risqué, whispers of romance stories from the imaginations of a few. Starting from a prompt on the Shanniiwrites forums, myself and a few others spend a week or two adding to the story. Each whisper (story) will be different, but they will have one thing in common, they will all involve overly romantic and/or partially sexual content.


Love it :heart_eyes: I see I have one unread episode :scream:


Here are my 3 novels! :smiley:

Title: Devil’s Triangle
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Psychological Thriller
Summary: Unravel the secrets and mysteries hidden in a small town through the eyes of a singer, a policeman, and a school counselor. Clues to the subsequent murders are hidden in human relationships of the past and the dark abyss of the Internet! :smiley:

Title: Shackles
Genre: Historical Romance, Fantasy
Summary: Follow Empress Wu Zetian’s treacherous journey from the hands of enemy Tufan soldiers back to the Forbidden City where she battles foes from within her own kingdom.

Title: Dark Bytes
Genre: Scifi, Action, Thriller
Summary: A short story collection that involves science fiction, fast-paced action scenes, and dystopic universes.


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