Promote Your YouTube Channel!

I believe that plenty of you have your own YouTube channels, so promote them down below! When promoting your channel, try to leave your channel name, a link to your channel, and explain why people should check out your channel! (Doesn’t need to be complicated, just explain a little bit about what your channel is)

I’m excited to see what kind of channels our forumers run.


Hi, I’ve been into videography for the longest time and I adore creating short, slightly bad cinematic videos when I’m traveling. Thank you for your attention :pleading_face:


Oooh your videos look so pretty :pleading_face:


Just for Episode Tutorials only.

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Because I like to create stories without any limits (even tho sometimes i can be bad at creating a scene lol) and create characters.


I didn’t know that people on here had YouTube channels, that’s so cool! I’ll check them out :wink:

(I don’t have one)

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I’m planning to create a YouTube channel.


Doing a bunch of stuff…song covers, LGBTQ+ stuff, explaining my medical conditions, ect. Just me being me.

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Added YouTube tag :heart:

Well, honestly, I’m just a budding YouTuber, and I do Episode coding tutorials and the like because I’m not really confident with my voice. But I try my best to edit all the videos I upload!

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