Prompted Group Story

This might be somewhat similar to @ShanniiWrites Let’s Make A Story thread, but I did not intend it that way and was wanting it to be a bit different and less random if that makes any sense.

Essentially every two (or less) weeks I’ll post a prompt either from my head or from the internet on this thread, then someone will write a paragraph or two that’s based on the prompt (you do not have to include the exact prompt). Then another person going off us what the person before them said (yet still sticking to the prompt in at least one way) and write a paragraph or two. And so on until either the week or two weeks are over or until I write the end.

Then every time a story ends well start a new one! In the same format.

Heres an example


Person 1 - blah hiefhihznf

person 2 - blah hiefhihznt

the end

and so on if that makes any sense


Heres the prompt for this week (im tired and too lazy to come up with my own!)

I hope peeps can come up with something interesting!


You got this idea from me lol. I’m so proud


Flowers from the garden of Ares are the most precious flowers in the world. Made of jewels, gold, and silver they twinkle in the moonlight. Thats not the reason they are so precious. Each flower is made from a soul, or blood. The golden flowers are created by the blood of person spilled in fair battle, meanwhile the gem flowers are made by lives slain in war.

Of course, why would anyone want these? They’re made up about death. One reason. They grant a wish for each of its petals. The silver for time, the gold for wealth, and the gems for circumstance. People die trying to get past the 20 deadly monsters sorrunding the garden. Even if they could make it they must do combat with Mars, the Roman form of Ares, God of War. Who could survive that?


Of course, wealth and riches were all well and good. There was nothing quite like being the richest, the one with the most time, the most lucky in the world. However, for a certain person’s wish, it would take more than one kind of petal - both gem and silver - to bring her lover back from death. This was fair cause to slay the monsters, to defeat the almighty Mars. That was, if she could even get there…


Deeply sorry if I screw this up

The girl had heard about the mystical and mysterious legend about the garden of Ares and the story surrounding it from her lover before they passed away. The story intrigued the girl very much. Flowers made out of precious jewels that would grant you a wish per petal? It seemed crazy that something like this could ever exist, but the girl was growing desperate for her lost lover again. A wish began to form. A wish to be by her lover once again. After doing months and months of grueling research, finally a plan started to formulate on how to achieve the accomplishment of defeating Mars and his monsters. Her plan was…


Nothing. Her research came up empty, no one had been alive. No one was able to defeat Mars in his own turf of war. Therefore she went to the temple of Venus and pleaded for the goddess help.

There was an issue. Venus and Mars were lovers. And although Venus supported true love there was very little she could do to help. Unlike her Greek form, Venus was averse to crossing her lover or dealing woth bringing lovers from death.

So, she went down to the valley and called for a certain god(ess)…