Pros and cons of being an adult

When it comes to adulthood, there are many, many pros. There are also quite a few cons about it.
Personally, this is an interesting topic for me as I am very much wanting to become an adult and move out asap, but I’m doubtful that I am quite aware of all the cons.
Anyways, here is my list of what I personally consider to be the pros and cons of adulthood:


  • Get to make your own rules (as long as they are within possibility and the law)
  • You are granted control over your medical stuff and basically what happens to you
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • It’s a lot easier to cut toxic ppl off
  • Independence


  • taxes
  • job
  • how tf do you cook
  • why does everything cost so much

@Discussions - what do you guys think of this? Any pros or cons of your own to add? (Especially from those who who are actual adults)


I don’t know.

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This! :unamused:

Mood what is cook

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a major reason why I don’t want to be an adult lol

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I actually rlly want a job, but that’s more a i need to get out of this d-mn house mood than anything else

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Well, I’m an adult, so I’d say:


  • You don’t have to depend on others for money, as long as you have a job.
  • This greatly depends on whether or not you live alone, but being an adult gives you a lot of independence as to what to eat, what to buy, how to spend your time, etc.

As for cooking, I did take some cooking classes in high school because the school I went to offered it as an elective, but you can also watch cooking videos on YouTube. I get a lot of great recipes from cooking videos.
And taxes… I really know next to nothing about that. Is that only a US thing, or do other countries file taxes? Because I’ve never heard anyone here mention it, and we definitely don’t do that at my job.


  • Too many responsibilities
  • Bills
  • Having to do housework
  • If you miss a day of school, you only have to do extra homework, but if you miss a day of work, you don’t get paid (unless you have a very valid excuse).

The cons far outweigh the pros, in my opinion


That :point_up:t4:

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BAHAHAHAHA! Spot the adults who only want to be adulting sometimes. HAHAHA

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:joy: mood

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  • work
  • I legit have no time, no life, and I don’t even have kids imagine what that would be like
  • and I need to bloody pay to exist
  • all I do is work and go home to sleep, so what’s the point of rent?
  • and taxes
  • and bills
  • and bureaucracy, so much bureaucracy
  • and people expect so much from you and forget you’re just a person
  • did I mention work?
  • and more, there are many more
  • technically you can move out and live where you want
  • you don’t need parent permission for stuff
  • you can legally drink
  • you can have sex

  • you’re not technically dependent on anyone and able to make your own choices in life
  • nobody forces you to eat bloody vegetables
  • that’s it, there are no more


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Understandable. Parents can be too much sometimes :broken_heart:

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