Qs About Reads shooting up Unexpectedly

Hi all. I’m just wondering about something.

I’ve come across some small authors like myself, who had been getting nothing but very few reads on their story/ies for months, even when they did r4r. Then they disappear from the forums, stop doing their r4r, and suddenly their reads are shooting up from about 50k to 100k or more a WEEK, and they’re not doing any promoting just the usual posting up stuff on Instagram. I just find it very odd that a story goes from like about 20k reads for about 40 eps to 400k reads for 40 eps within a few weeks and they’re doing no proper promoting or anything. How is this happening?

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Added a few tags :slightly_smiling_face:

They add the same tags as me.


It happened to one of my stories on Wattpad, you add a good summary you hit the right tags and wait a few weeks and you shoot up really quick because you’ll hit a lot of readers based on reccomendations.

Some people just get super lucky.

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I just can’t understand how someone who had like 40 eps with only about 30k reads for months, all of a sudden changes to 400k+ reads on that actual story alone within a few weeks.


What are the good tags to use?

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She means she added tags to the OP post.

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oh okay lol.

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Thanks for explaining ani :slightly_smiling_face:

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