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Yeah, something like that could’ve been so epic.


Though, would it be possible for Jess to never find out that Akielah wasn’t the one who made that choice?

Could have. There will at least be a little look into the dynamic with them with a misc

If he never met Anna when she was off meds, for her to blackmail him…
Could’ve been quite the pair though.

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Honestly. Missed opportunity

It’s possible, but Jess is a lil distracted with her 7 kids :frowning:
So something would have to happen that made her question and be like “That’s… weird” because right now, Jess wouldn’t be surprised if after the way Dan has been treating her, she wants to separate herself a little bit.

Yessss excited!

Yea… they have similar values whereas jess was more his opposite, him and Anna were more of the same.

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Definitely a missed opportunity


She’ll probably have to hear something about Akielah through someone else.

Jess and Kai held similar values where it really counted, while Kai and Anna were more similar overall

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How do you feel that (probably) over half of the BR1+2 characters are part of the Parker/Pierce family tree?

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The Parker/Pierce’s took over

and I am not upset at it because they are fun kids

Do you think BR3 could work as the characters being kids of BR2?

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100% no

If there were kids, there would only be 1 or 2 characters that had parents from BR2

I think mostly it’ll need to be new characters


If you were to join an RP other than Blue Royalty, what kind of RP would you want to join?


I’m honestly willing to join any RP, but it just has to have a good storyline. I often get bored with something that doesn’t have the ability to conduct RP movement and I think BR does a really good job of keeping the story moving.

  1. Favorite rp character you created?
  2. Top 15 rp character someone else has created?
  3. Favorite book characters?
  4. What song do you associate with your favorite character?
  5. Do you listen to Taylor Swift and Lana del rey? why or why not?
  6. Headphones or speakers?
  7. Copypaste your favorite line from the song you last listened to.
  8. A music genre you will never listen to and why?
  9. What character personality stereotype do you love?
  10. Pick a random season. What character do you associate it with?
  11. top br2 ships?
  12. If all fictional characters were real, which 5 would you have in your friend group?
  13. What three morals do you try to live by?
  14. Are you an atheist?
  15. If you could go back to the past, knowing that it would drastically change the future, would you?
  16. You receive 1 million dollars, how do you spend it?
  17. What city would you most want to move to for studies + what subject would you want to study there?
  18. What is your personality type
  19. What book are you currently reading + who is your favourite character in it?
  20. tell me what flower you love the most and why
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Do you think there are real ones?

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I do agree but at the same time do you think people will lose interest even more if BR3 is completely separate from characters in BR?

(Ignoring idea of them being in BR3:) Which of your BR2 characters do you think would have kids?

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What would your answer be for BR2? ^^

For your characters who have non-actor FCs, which actors would you cast as them in BR1+2?

Do you think BR would work better as a movie or TV show?
What TV show/movie plotline would you want to put BR1/2 characters into? (e.g. Pretty Little Liars, have all the characters centred around the main ‘dead’ girl, or even like the Hunger Games and put them in the arena)
If BR2 became a murder mystery, who would your first suspects be? (assume that the person dead was just someone acquaintanced with all)


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Hey Beni,

  • Have you ever looked at your butt in the mirror?
  • Is it possible that every new day is just the same day over again?
  • What’s one movie every girl loves?
  • What would happen if makeup didn’t exist in our culture?
  • Why do round pizzas always come in a square pizza box?
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If BR3 existed and you were in it, would you give us at least one Pierce? :pleading_face: we need a Pierce

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What is your favorite movie?
Favorite color?

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I think it depends on how you write it? I think people could find interest in a new rp - if the characters are just as good. Remember, BR1 was new characters and that one succeeded because of the level of care we gave to the characters. It is highly possible that br3 could also succeed in a similar way.


I’d want Annie and Lenora to be the same fc, maybe Paige, and then maybe Sophie and Katherine?

Damn um

Okay well in a perfect world,

Jess, Dan, Candice, and Jordan would stay the same in BR1 since they’re all actors

Dan would probably have to be changed since Jess and Dan can’t both be their counterparts, so if I had to choose a famous actor, maybe Timothee Chalamet?

Riker would have to be changed so hmm: he needs to have striking blue eyes… I don’t know. Maybe an unknown actor? I’ll look more later

BR2 - most of my characters would have to be changed.
But this question is going to take some thinking and I only have 4 hours so I’ll reply on our chat!

Tv show. There’s too much to compact into a movie.

I was almost thinking of more of a “Gossip Girl” plotline where all the characters are important - though people will always be more interested in some subplots


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Indeed I have

No I don’t think so. There’s too many fundamental changes in a day that make it different from others. Even if it feels like your days are mushing together, it’s not the same day.

I don’t know if I can answer this because every girl is different. Some like rom coms, some like action.

But I guess I’ll say mean girls because it is a favorite for a reason

People would create it? Make up was always something used to enhance beauty. People initially made it from berries and other items so I think someone would have thought about it but just not called it “make up”

Because it’s what is easiest to make.

Making a round pizza takes less time than making other shapes

Making a square box is easier than making other shapes

People try to simplify their lives by doing what’s easiest and efficient hence = round pizza in a square box.

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We don’t need more Pierce’s

Maybe I’ll give you one of Jess’ kids. She has enough

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