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Hey Brooke,

  • Why is it that we call something “cool” when it’s not really cold?
  • Could we cover the earth with pudding?
  • What if we all were supposed to like the smell of bad things, would we still take showers?
  • Do you think we’ll be able to fly by the year 3000?
  • Is it possible that we are just aliens on this earth and people don’t even know it?
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That’s an interesting question. Now that makes me curious as to how the word “cool” became equivalent with “interesting” or “awesome”

Theoretically I suppose maybe? But really, no. It wouldn’t be feasible.

:thinking: People probably wouldn’t shower often, just not for the reason of smell.

Maybe. By then I suppose there would at least be more technology to allow for flight.

It is certainly possible

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Why not?

Also, wanna help with the world-building game?

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To have enough pudding to cover everything would be crazy. Even then just making certain everything was covered would be extremely difficult.

I would, but I don’t have any ideas for the current questions.

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  1. Favorite rp character you created?
  2. Top 15 rp character someone else has created?
  3. Favorite book characters?
  4. What song do you associate with your favorite character?
  5. Do you listen to Taylor Swift and Lana del rey? why or why not?
  6. Headphones or speakers?
  7. Copypaste your favorite line from the song you last listened to.
  8. A music genre you will never listen to and why?
  9. What character personality stereotype do you love?
  10. Pick a random season. What character do you associate it with?
  11. top br2 ships?
  12. If all fictional characters were real, which 5 would you have in your friend group?
  13. What three morals do you try to live by?
  14. Are you an atheist?
  15. If you could go back to the past, knowing that it would drastically change the future, would you?
  16. You receive 1 million dollars, how do you spend it?
  17. What city would you most want to move to for studies + what subject would you want to study there?
  18. What is your personality type
  19. What book are you currently reading + who is your favourite character in it?
  20. tell me what flower you love the most and why
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Awww… (pouts) … Maybe Google can help?

I should’ve expected this, but that’s really so hard cause there’s so many of mine that I love.
I could really just go on listing favorites, one of my most recent favorites is Ketziah from Blue Royalty

Oh wow, I really don’t know here, I’ll have to do some thinking there. Definitely includes a lot of Blue Royalty characters.

Ok, so… I don’t really have specific favorites I guess. I guess for various books I could pick favorites from them?

Book char or rp char? I don’t usually have one specific song I associate with them. For my BR and BR2 characters I guess some of them have songs on their playlists that I associate with them the most.

I do listen to Taylor Swift. I’ve always liked Taylor Swift songs since I was younger really. And there’s a lot of her songs I just like.
I don’t listen to Lana del Rey though. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I don’t even know what the last song I listened to was actually… It might’ve been part of a Queen song, but I don’t remember which one it was.

Rap. I just never have liked it. Like, if a small part of a song has a little bit of rap, ok… but I don’t like rap music at all.

damn what havent i asked brooke idk

Who are your fav rp characters out of mine?
and your own if that wasn’t asked yet


taking inspo from you

ops on my BR characters?
who is your fave non-own BR2 character?
fave BR2 ship?


Ah good question


Br1 chars that would have been interesting to see them end up together?


Br2 as well


if you could re-faceclaim any of my characters who would it be and who would it be to?


If there were superhuman elements in br2 would you haunt people as ziah


I like the typical good girl/guy, the girl/guy next door type

Winter, and the character I probably most associate it with is one of my first characters. Isabella Snow. (Yeah kinda obvious since she has ice powers)

Ok, so… let me think about that. I’m not sure who my top ones are.

Woah. I don’t even know.

Be a trustworthy person
Always be willing to help others
In general just be a good person.

Nope. A bit of a skeptic at times, but not an atheist. I’m someone who holds more of a belief in multiple deities than in there being one singular god.

Probably not.

I’d use the money for school, and save a lot of it.

I don’t know where I would even go to study anything

I am an INTJ

I’ve actually got 2 different books that I’ve started (which I don’t normally do…)

The Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
And I’m also reading The Selection.
I don’t really have a favorite character in either at the moment.

Probably a hibiscus, because they’re just sooooo pretty

Think about it you got the question twice

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yes it is very important