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So for this week’s Question Thread, we have @ThePoeticRaven! Congratulations!

If any of you have any questions for her, feel free to post below! If you wanna blow up her notifications, feel free to @ her, too!

The questions can be as silly as you like. Just make sure you’re following the guidelines – no swearing or NSFW/mature questions, please!

Have fun, I know we will! :wink:

A couple of announcements, this is the 100th tagged Question Thread :partying_face: and it’s fitting that this will be the last one I put up, so make it count folks!

How to Play

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Do you like fries?

How was your day?

Do you like onion rings? :onion:


Hey @ThePoeticRaven!

  • Favourite movie?
  • Best TV show?
  • What character in any TV show or movie do you relate to the most?
  • Star sign?
  • Favourite thread on the forums?


  • Opinion on backflipping doors?

  • Favourite door lens?

  • Best way to stop a door from doing something without committing door abuse?

  • What are your thoughts on door abuse? Why?

  • What’s the best angle of a door to be?

  • Favourite curtain that your door has fell on?

  • “Oops my door slipped” - How far do you agree with this statement?


What’s your favourite type of poetry?


What’s your Hogwarts house?
Do you associate yourself with any fandom(s)? Which ones?
Do you like playing video games? Which ones?
What is your favorite scene in a film/tv series?


In addition to what ebee asked, here are some important questions about windows since I feel they’re overlooked @ThePoeticRaven

  • Do you feel windows are overlooked? Underlooked?
  • Doors or windows? Which is yoir favorite? Which is more popular? When?
  • What color do you want your windows? Would you buy a non-transparent window?
  • Are you annoyed by the typo? Where is it?
  • How is your third window doing? Any recent divorces? Where?
  • Are curtains meant for doors? Do you think they should be allowed to wear something originally meant for windows?
  • Is the Windows OS discriminatory towards windows?
  • Favorite shape for a round window? Who?

Hi, how are you?
How many questions do you expect to get?
Potatoes or peas?
Interesting or intriguing?
Drywall or normal wall?
What’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite conversation?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Apples are good, right? Why or why not?
Chairs are good, right? Why or why not?
Pants are good, right? Why or why not?
Flowers or marbles? How?
Favorite book?
Worst book?
Can you drop an impromptu poem? :eyes:
Can you drop your best poem?
Favorite poet?
Are you a Raven?
Why are you a Raven?
If you’re not a Raven, have you lied to us this entire time?! :sob:
If you weren’t a Raven, which bird would you be?
How do you feel about Prometheus? Are you guys on bad terms?
How do you feel about liver?
Food or books?
Books or food?
To question or not question; is that not the question?
Are you regretting signing up for question star? :star_struck:
Do you like questions?
Have you ever entered a writing contest?
Have you ever written a book? If so, what’s its name?
Do you have siblings?
If you do, are they also ravens?
Running or walking?
Home or outside?


Have you ever pondered weak and weary over many a volume of quaint and curious lore once upon a midnight dreary?


if ur an rper, what are you favorite character names?

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whos your favorite poet and i better not hear u on some robert frost sh!t. i’ll take poe tho

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what do you think about schools reopening in the fall?


whats your favorite meal

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Hey @ThePoeticRaven,

  • Do you know what SGing is?
  • Have you ever been in an SG?
  • Do you want to be in an SG?
  • Have you ever written an SG?
  • Do you want to write an SG?
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In addition to what idiot.exe said about doors and windows:

  • What do you think about window doors? How?
  • Sliding window doors? When?
  • Spinny thingy glass door? What?
  • Door and windows together or separate? Red?
  • Thoughts on #StipDourAbus2k20? Explain?
  • Which door was born at a young age? Explain?

r u a more feminine or masculine person?

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How are you?

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